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We all at some point of time in our life would have been obsessed with the Automobiles and its various brands. Especially in the childhood i remember counting the automobile brands crossing and especially played the game of guessing the brands as well. So with SAP Lumira and Data geek challenge, i take this opportunity to analyse the sales trend of Autombiles in India for August 2013.

Which brand is the big player in the market, which car makes impact in the market, comparison of last 6 months numbers and what not. With the help of SAP Lumira i have analysed the trending brands and favourite brand of the Indian automobile industry. Data Source:

So experiencing the magic of SAP Lumira is the foremost focus for me particularly to analyse the data. Without results from data, data is not held at its highest regard. Let us get into the stages of analysis in this context. Click on the pictures below to see high resolution of the same.

Column charts feature in SAP Lumira lets us know top 3 best seller spots are stormed by Alto, Swift and Dzire from Maruti stable. And also new comer Ford Ecosport is making a wave with considerable numbers.

When we compare last 6 months sales, it looks brighter as always for Maruti.

When we take a look at the August sales of Automobiles, we see an interesting trend which is emerging. As usual Maruti tops the list because of its mightier presence, a quick look at other spots reveal an interesting fact. Ford emerges closer to Hyundai and Honda after Maruti by picking up its ace sale with Figo and Ecosport as well. We know the strong contenders like Mahindra, Tata, Toyota etc. Biggest gainer in these recent months and especially in August to me is undoubtedly Ford with its storming entry of Ford Ecosport.

Split by last 6 months by Make provides us a insight of who is actually sensing the correct trend with correct release of vehicles. Automobile market is slightly having a negative trend but also with the release of new SUVs n hot hatches market is again getting hotter.

Very important trend that we get to see in the last 6 months is that even though Maruti's numbers are pretty high, it has seen a dip because of the vehicles storming into the scene such as Duster, Ecosport etc. With the next line chart we can clearly see that Maruti had overwhelming numbers in the market by the month of March but since then the numbers are declining but not definitely near alarming state but again 30,000 + numbers difference is still big. Large chunk given to other market competitors.

Until now we have been checking on the statistics based on Make and Models but now lets have an interesting study on the segment of the cars which were sold in August. Hatches of course rule the category but when compared with April month we can witness a trend of increasing SUVs for the known reason. But ofcourse the numbers cannot be compared with the Sedans and Hatches that are sold in India

Here we can see an increase of close to 2% in sales of SUV in the last 3 months. It is not that significant a raise but yet giving an early indication of Indian market opening up to SUV in the recent months.

Tag clouds and the tree map clearly depicts the winner and loser with precision here. While Marutis, Tatas, Mahindras, Hyundais are regular flag bearers, Renault and ford are also heading the scene these days.

After all these numbers, we can definitely come to know of a simple fact that the Automobile sales are definitely in downtrend, but the competitors who are going to stay in the hunt will be who try to flourish in these tough times. Following Radar charts are best left to be seen on how the trend is.

After all these numbers and analysis i was astonished with my experience with SAP Lumira. I hope it was the same with all those who had tried it. Finallyleaving an image of which brand is the king in Indian Automobile scene.

This analysis i feel will give a perspective of the Automobile scene in India to an extent with numbers for the buyers and i thoroughly enjoyed this as a part of a submission to Data Geek challenge. When given more data, i think analysts can get a huge advantage in terms of prediction and the research down the pipeline.