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I suspect most / many Crystal Reports users reading this blog are already familiar with the Service Pack quandary we have all been dealing with for years now...

Well, good news and even better news is in the works.

Up to a recent point in time downloading Service Packs (SP) for SAP Crystal Reports 2011 and SAP Crystal Reports 2013 was a rather... well, difficult process.

The better news first. A permanent solution will be implemented in early 2015. The current good news? Keep on reading:

SAP Crystal Reports 2013

The latest SP for CR 2013 is available via the free trials download page. This is not absolutely ideal, but desperate times call for desperate action(?). At the time this Blog was written, the latest SP for CR 2013 is SP 4. Here is what you will need to do to be able to apply the SP:

1) You will have to register.

2) Download CR 2013.

2) You must remember to back up your current keycode(!).

3) Evals are "Full Builds", thus you will have to uninstall the current CR 2013 install. This is the message you will get if you already have a previous SP of CR 2013:

4) Install the new Service Pack, using the keycode you backed up in point (2).

SAP Crystal Reports 2011

Crystal Reports 2011 Service Packs can be downloaded from the Downloads Page. I have noticed that the Downloads Page does not work too well with IE10 (IE8 works, not sure about other versions of IE...). However I do not see any issues using FireFox. At the time this blog was written, the latest SP for CR 2011 is SP 10. In my experience the download from the Downloads Page is significantly slower than the Free Trials page - so, patience... Note that this is not an Eval download. This is a Service Pack download and thus you will have to have CR 2011 already intalled on your system. If CR 2011 is not detected, you will get the following message:

Other than that, to update to the latest SP for CR 2011, just download and install. No Keycode back up needed.

Finally, a few links to resources that may come in handy:

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