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In recent years SAP has been partnering with hyperscalers to deliver our cloud solutions to drive digital transformation for our customers worldwide. This multi-cloud partnership provides SAP with the flexibility, scale, agility and innovation to help deliver our solutions wherever our customers would like to consume them. Since the beginning of this journey, the Multi Cloud Team in Global Cloud Services has been working closely with our public cloud partners in enabling and delivering the critical infrastructure necessary to support SAP’s cloud business growth ambitions.

Today I am pleased to share some exciting news from our team’s successful collaboration with Google Cloud: The SAP Data Center Powered by Google Cloud. This data center is the first of its kind and is fully operational in Frankfurt, Germany, providing SAP applications with highly reliable and performant cloud infrastructure exclusive to SAP. This means the data center is single-tenant with SAP-dedicated compute, storage and network services. As an SAP exclusive data center, the entire infrastructure capacity deployed is also guaranteed and reserved for SAP use only. Furthermore, this data center follows SAP’s strict specifications for data protection and compliance standards for secure enterprise workloads. SAP’s Data Custodian solution is also deployed to promote full data access transparency and control. While being fully dedicated to SAP, the data center still retains the same innovation and capabilities of public Google Cloud regions around the world.

This significant achievement combines the strengths of SAP and Google Cloud. The data center has and will continue to benefit many of our customers as we scale the infrastructure in the months ahead. I would like to personally thank all the Google Cloud and SAP team members who worked tirelessly to make this important initiative a huge success in record time. If you would like to learn more, please check out Gary Slater’s (SVP and Head of Global Cloud Services) blog here.

--Exciting news from our team’s successful collaboration with Google Cloud: The SAP Data Center Powered by Google Cloud - Picture Source
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