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Key Take Aways

Intelligent Data Applications are essential for modern businesses due to the diverse and vast amounts of data they handle, offering integrated solutions that break down data silos, simplify decision-making, and streamline problem-solving.

SAP HANA Cloud provides the necessary capabilities, including multi-model data processing, data tiering, and machine learning, to serve as a powerful backbone for building and running Intelligent Data Applications, enhancing business processes and decision-making.


SAP HANA Cloud is the data foundation for building Intelligent Data Applications (IDA). This type of application makes use of the advanced features of the database for the benefit of the users. Among colleagues, it is said IDA’s make every user an expert at executing the business process thanks to advanced analytics and machine learning.

This series of three blog posts presents these advanced features and includes links and resources for more technical information. Don’t miss out on the expert interviews included in the upcoming blog posts for more insights on multi-model and machine learning for Intelligent Data Applications.

Intelligent Data Applications

I am not the smartest fellow in the world, but I can sure pick smart colleagues.” ~ Franklin D. Roosevelt

Intelligent Data Applications are applications that leverage not only data, but also the multi-model capabilities (more about this in blogpost #2) and the machine learning and predictive capabilities (more about this in blogpost #3) of the database to take day-to-day jobs to the next level. Applications processing such large amounts of data, require not only comprehensive data ingestion but also processing capabilities agnostic of data sources and formats [SAP 2023a]. Bringing together multiple data types from various sources and infusing intelligence, makes IDAs a crucial factor of success in a world that increasingly depends on applications to accomplish goals. Additionally, these capabilities allow to automate mundane tasks, freeing up time for work that creates more value. Combining heterogeneous data in one place enables decision making based on a more holistic view. A comprehensive view is simply not possible when data resides in various silos. Thus, Intelligent Data Applications help transform your business by empowering cross-functional collaboration.

Intelligent Data Applications are necessary now more than ever

Modern businesses need these self-learning and self-adapting applications. The amount of data businesses require is both humongous and extremely diverse. Data can come from any source such as sensors, processes, or other data generating events. To derive business value, appropriate data management that fits the heterogenous data types is desperately needed. [DATAQUEST 2022]

Of course, there are niche solutions for specific use cases available, but managing different data types in silos hampers business agility and innovation. An integrated solution is far more beneficial than having individual solutions for each specific purpose, because…

…it’s costly and time consuming to manage and leverage many specialized databases.

It still might be the preferred solution for niche use cases where the needs are extremely specific, but for many use cases using specialized solutions creates a highly complex landscape that could easily be simplified by using a single solution offering a broader set of capabilities.

…it’s a struggle to make timely decisions without full visibility across data silos.

Using multiple specified solutions creates data silos. Different data resides in different systems and is hard to integrate. The silos make it hard to get a more holistic view which is necessary for making the right decisions. Intelligent Data Apps powered by a single foundation have the power to break the data silos enabling timely and fully informed decisions.

…it’s difficult to solve problems using disparate tools or systems.

Doing business is about solving problems. The more tools and systems are part of a problem, the more difficult it becomes to solve it. Various data types, different means of handling them, and cumbersome integrations will make success a tough matter. You will need to do a lot of preparation work before being able to tackle the actual challenge. With an integrated solution you will be able to focus on solving the problem right away.

…it’s hard to leverage insights along business processes.

Collecting insights is crucial. However, the use of multiple solutions increases the complexity for leveraging insights. One integrated solution allows you to leverage insights in a more holistic and easy way.

Businesses depend on applications that not only execute processes but that are also infused with intelligence and multi-model capabilities, enabling their users to act like experts when it comes to decision making. This need is where Intelligent Data Applications come into place. Powered by one integrated backend, these applications provide users with a unified interface that ensures data is consistent, secure, and accessible while also infusing intelligence. Modern technology can truly help the world run better.

Intelligent Data Applications powered by SAP HANA Cloud

Intelligent Data Applications contribute to the future success of any business while requiring a specific set of capabilities that range from multi-model data processing to data tiering and machine learning.

SAP HANA Cloud is SAP’s Database as a Service (DBaaS) offering. It has great in-memory performance, advanced database administration experience, strong security offerings, data tiering capabilities and data virtualization options. Accessing, storing, and managing all data types at once becomes possible. Paired with the integrated multi-tier storage, multi-model processing, and embedded machine learning, SAP HANA Cloud becomes a strong foundation for building Intelligent Data Applications.

SAP HANA Cloud includes the best-in-class multi-model capabilities enabling the use of various data types – all in a single solution. This unified approach to data enables innovation without boundaries set by complex integrations, which would otherwise be needed for different data types. The spatial and graph engines as well as the JSON Document Store are enriched by predictive modeling and machine learning capabilities. Various data types can be stored, processed, and analyzed in one unified database. Additionally, SAP HANA Cloud helps to enhance business processes by infusing intelligence into business-specific use cases. The integrated machine learning libraries enable advanced analytics beyond just operational tasks.


Building and using Intelligent Data Applications is vital in today’s fast-paced business environment. Per the definition, these applications require specific capabilities, like multi-model data-processing, machine learning and advanced data tiering capabilities, to meet today’s modern business requirements. SAP’s answer to this market demand is SAP HANA Cloud.

This blogpost is the first in a series on the topic of SAP HANA Cloud powering Intelligent Data Applications. Stay tuned for the next posts and dive deeper into the specific capabilities that allow SAP HANA Cloud to be the fuel for the next generation of data applications.

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