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The SAP TechEd 2013 Amsterdam pre-conference is in full swing right now, and tomorrow the conference itself starts. The hustle and bustle at the RAI conference center is growing by the minute!

If you’re an attendee, you recently received an email telling you all about the official mobile event app for the conference, which is now available for iOS, Android, and HTML5.

As the description on the SAP TechEd website states, the mobile app “provides conference highlights, the agenda, session details, and maps. It also allows you to interact with other attendees in the activity feed by posting updates and comments, sharing photos, and checking into sessions, keynotes, and other event activities.” So you’ll definitely want to check it out.

Many attendees of pre-conference sessions have already started posting updates in the app, sharing photos, bookmarking things, etc.

But there’s more. In the same email you received announcing the availability of the mobile app, you may have noticed this line:

If you’re a member of SAP Community Network (SCN), be sure to add your SCN ID to your registration record and have your SAP TechEd activity earn you badges on SCN as well.

What’s that all about, you’re wondering?

Well, the SAP TechEd mobile app has been gamified, meaning you can earn points and badges in the mobile app for doing things such as checking in to conference locations like the Clubhouse or the Info Zone. Here’s an excerpt from the Mobile Event App Tips page with a little more detail:

Get active and earn points: There are a number of ways to gain points in the app. Checking-into "objects" (Sessions, Speakers, Places, etc.), adding a note with your check-ins, rating sessions, uploading event photos, and receiving comments on your check-ins from other attendees are all ways to gain points in the app. Keep in mind that no points will be given if you check in too many times back-to-back.

The mobile event app also has a leaderboard showing the conference attendees who earned the most points in the mobile app.

I won’t go into more detail here, since everything is described very well in the online guide for the SAP TechEd Mobile Event App.

Here’s where it gets interesting for SCN, though:

While the points and badges that you earn in the SAP TechEd 2013 mobile app stay in the app (meaning the mobile app points and badges do not transfer directly to SCN), the SCN gamification team has designed a mission for SCN that awards a badge and points in SAP Community Network for activity in the SAP TechEd mobile app:

I Got in the Game at SAP TechEd 2013

To earn this SCN mission, you first need to add your SCN ID to your TechEd registration if you have not already done so. Then download and log in to the SAP TechEd mobile app and earn at least 1 point in the app by doing something like checking in to a place or a speaker, uploading a photo, etc.

That’s all there is to it! A few days after SAP TechEd Amsterdam is over, attendees who have completed these steps will receive the “I Got in the Game at SAP TechEd 2013” badge and points on SCN.

So here’s to having a great time learning all sorts of cool and interesting things at SAP TechEd, posting and commenting with other attendees in the mobile app, meeting up with fellow SCNers while you’re here, and sharing what we learned with the community.


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