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The ALM Advent calendar, inspired by the centuries-old German holiday tradition (see background below), is this blog’s daily offering of Application Lifecycle Management goodies in the form of FAQs and tips, webinar invitations, new videos, new feature descriptions for SAP Solution Manager SPS 10, and more. Thanks for sharing the 2019 holiday season with us!


See below the calendar for past dates.






Past dates:

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from the SAP Application Lifecycle Management leadership team!


Good to Review Before the Holiday Break

My reading material recommendations today are the latest ALM posts about connectivity and support. Check out these two blogs:


Seasonal Photo from the Weekend

All Rufy wants for Christmas is a pair of used sport socks!


Seasonal Photo from the Weekend

Rufy at a small Christmas market near Frankfurt, Germany. She's calculating the fastest route through the booths to where they are grilling the bratwursts and the steaks.


Gift-wrapped for You: Add-On Usage Rights

It's almost time for some digital gift giving! Starting on January 1, 2020, the usage rights of Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager and Focused Insights for SAP Solution Manager are included in SAP Solution Manager usage rights without additional license costs!


'Tis the season for video playlists! Some enjoy singing along to classic Christmas hits. Others (for reasons neither I nor my dog Rufy quite fully understand) enjoy watching Christmas cats. But anyway, the YouTube playlist channel, SAP Cloud Application Lifecycle Management, is clearly a smart choice to bookmark. Just check out this embedded video currently at the top of the list. Find out how SAP Partner Beyond Technologies simplifies its cloud journey using SAP Cloud ALM.


Central Infrastructure Video to Watch before December 31st

Don't gamble with your central infrastructure connectivity! Learn everything you need to know about SAP's support backbone update from this Lightning Talk live recording (19:36) from SAP TechEd Las Vegas 2019.


If you’re like me and prefer to do online Christmas shopping, you may have noticed that we’re now at the time of the year when stores are making us aware of delivery times. I notice these extra warnings that certain items in my shopping cart might arrive after the holiday, just in case I intended them as gifts. (And I did intend them as gifts! That amazing technology to produce the warnings knows me so well!). That being said, I’m reminded of SAP EarlyWatch Alert technology. I’d like to point out a helpful resource that contains answers to SAP EarlyWatch Alert FAQs, such as: What is the scope of the alerts? How do you configure the service with the add-on ST-SER? Can the service be accessed without an on-premise SAP Solution Manager system?


Focused Run for SAP Solution Manager is designed specifically for system providers and large companies that need high-volume system and application monitoring, alerting, and analytics. Find out more at the Focused Run WIKI page!


Seasonal Photo from the Weekend

Thank goodness the Christmas cookie jar is not susceptible to Rufy's Jedi mind tricks!


Seasonal Photo from the Weekend

Awww! Last Christmas: Baby Rufy with her decorated dog cage.


SAP S/4HANA Planning Webinar

What's on the horizon for 2020? Are you planning your transformation to SAP S/4HANA? Learn from this webinar how SAP Solution Manager can guide you through a successful path to SAP S/4HANA and help ensure smooth business operations while managing your project.


New discovery of a customer support tool?

Did you know that we have an SAP Cloud ALM demo landing page leading you to helpful demos for the Implementation Portal for SAP S/4HANA Cloud?


The countdown to 2020 has started . . .

Santa is not the only one with a list that needs to be checked twice. On January 1, 2020, perhaps while you're still hoisting your glass in a New Year's Eve celebration, SAP will shut down the legacy support backbone infrastructure. Use SAP Support Backbone Update checklists to make sure your  system stays connected. #solman


SolEd Recap

A week ago today, SAP Solution Manager Education Summit (SolEd) opened its doors in Heidelberg. Even if you weren't able to attend, you can join an ALM expert in revisiting the highlights via this SolEd recap blog.


Now you can get the latest technical information on SAP Solution Manager directly from SAP Product Support via WhatsApp!


Seasonal Photo from the Weekend

Decorating for the holidays is hard work!


Seasonal Photo from the Weekend

What Rufy is thinking right now: Okay, just to review, are we here for Christmas tree shopping or for running around wildly in circles and barking at every tree in case there's a squirrel still hiding in the branches?


Released right at the start of the holiday season, here's a new Focused Build video. Hear about how Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager 7.2 has helped seed producer KWS SAAT SE to turn into an Intelligent Enterprise.

The video is available on YouTube in the following formats:

I know what you're going to ask, and yes I must humbly admit that I did indeed provide the English male voiceover. (Kudos to Tonja Kehrer for the female voiceover!) Maybe I missed my calling as a famous singer. Lasst uns froh und munter sein und uns recht von Herzen freun! Lustig, lustig, tralera-lera . . .


5 x 2 = 10

The wonderous beauty of the new day that is December 5th is multiplied by 2 new opportunities to learn about new SAP Solution Manager features in the newly-released SPS 10:


It's free! Learn everything you need to know about Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager from this very well-received openSAP course and get certified! It's free! Did I say that already? Check out the easy requirements:

  • Basic understanding of the activities in an SAP implementation project!

  • Some basics about agile project management!

  • No coding skills are required!

  • Just register for an account on openSAP!

If you have trouble with the consent link that pops up, consider using Chrome for your browser!


Networking Conversation Starters

As SAP Solution Manager Education Summit 2019 kicks off today in Heidelberg, I thought it fitting to share SAP Cloud ALM frequently asked questions, gathered from past conferences and customers' direct inquiries. Review questions such as: Does SAP still invest in SAP Solution Manager? Take your next networking opportunity to the next level by studying up on common questions from fellow customers. In Heidelberg, your peers will certainly have experiences to share, and SAP technical experts/cloud consultants will have advice for your individual requirements.


To learn more about SolEd, register, or download the agenda, visit the SolEd landing page.


Seasonal Photo from the Weekend

Name: Rufy

Relation: My dog

Type: Labrador retriever

Gender: Female

Age: 1 year (exactly - happy birthday!)

Begging-While-Wearing-Santa-Hat Success Rate: 99.97% (Fortunately, I had some dog biscuits handy and didn't have to give up one of the Christmas cookies I was baking.)



If you happen to be in Germany in December . . .

You’ll find holiday spirit in the center of many cities and towns. The traditional Weihnachtsmarkt (Christmas market) is a feast for the senses.

Leaving a lasting impression on the eyes during the chilled winter nights are the innumerable light strings, entwining with evergreen wreaths, decorating marketplace buildings and a cluster of tents and small wooden booths, like those that offer sturdy handmade crafts for sale. Tiny yellow lights blanket giant Christmas trees, take the form of stars, and outline carousels. Music rings uninterrupted through the air, sometimes with carolers, sometimes with live orchestras, adding a joyous soundtrack to the high-pitched children’s voices and the bursts of laughter coming from the tables where the steaming cups of Glühwein (mulled wine) are served. The scents of roasting bratwurst and of gingerbread and cakes are always nearby as you weave your way through crowds of knitted hats and red cheeks and imagine—hmmm—this must be close to what life is like for Santa’s elves at the North Pole.

And within homes decorated for the holiday season, you’ll find the Adventskalender (Advent calendar) helping to celebrate the days of Advent, leading up to Christmas. Since their origin in the 19th century, these calendars have varied in form, but traditionally hold goodies such as chocolates or small toys. Every new day presents a new goodie to discover behind mini wooden windows or cardboard flaps of the calendar. For our digital calendar, ALM Avent calendar, we’ll offer something new every weekday via links, unless otherwise noted.