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Enable your project team for an SAP S/4HANA transformation to use Focused Build as one project delivery platform to run the entire requirement to test and even to deploy of your solution in an agile fashion in a best of suite approach!

Imagine having one tool in place which enables you to run the entire SAP S/4HANA transformation with full transparency and extended governance across all workstreams even beyond functional changes, tracking requirements from creation until implementation based on your business processes with all required links to documentation, test and deploy.

Focused Build which is an add-on on top of SAP Solution Manager leveraging all project relevant capabilities of SAP Solution Manager can provide this to you and your teams. The screen above shows one of the standard dashboards coming with Focused Build which gives you visibility of all deliverables and their status, your requirement backlog, work packages and work items the workstreams/scrum teams are working on. It is possible from this dashboard with the name “solution readiness dashboard” (SRD) to drill down via work package and work item down to the transport request as well as to all relevant documentation/deliverables and test information created while running the project.


Learn more about the solution readiness dashboard and the related features Focused Build can provide to support SAP S/4HANA transformations. Lear also how it interacts with SAP Model Company and SAP Activate. Join us at the SAP Solution Manager Education Summit 2019 North America.


Attendees will have the opportunity to interact directly with topic experts to learn how to effectively consume and integrate Focused Build best practices to benefit their organizations.

Key sessions for your project team role attendees include:

  • Manage Requirements-to-Deploy with SAP Solution Manager and Focused Build: Overview and Best Practices

  • What’s New in Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager

  • What’s New in Process Management in Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager

  • What’s New in Test Management in Focused Build for SAP Solution Manager

  • How to perform Backlog Planning for Agile Projects with Focused Build

  • How to manage Maintenance in the Fix Pace with Focused Build

  • Customer and Partner References for Focused Build

You can register TODAY and find more information including available discounts @