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This blog is for SD & MM consultants. This functionality can be used from SAP S/4HANA OP2022, OP2023 version and SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition.

What is Advanced Intercompany Stock Transfer

Classic Intercompany Stock Transfer was developed in order to reduce documents between  intercompany trading since SAP R/3. However, For audit and IFRS reasons Classic Intercompany Stock transfer is not good enough. So, Advanced Intercompany Stock transfer was developed.

Classic Intercompany Stock Transfer has no Delivery Company’s Sales order.

The Advanced Intercompany Stock transfer has Delivery company’s sales order also.

3 The purchase order is created by the business application, it can be manually or by a job

4 Create a Sales order automatically by Value Chain Monitor (VCM)

5 Create a outbound delivery order by business application, manual or job

6 Post GI for Stock transfer to SiT by business application, manual or job (TM, EWM, 3PL etc.)

6' Create inbound delivery order automatically by VCM

A Create a billing document to receiving company manually or by a job

7 Create material documents automatically After internal transfer of control date by VCM

8 Stock transfer to 1010 manually (Or TM, EWM, 3PL)

B Create supplier invoice automatically by VCM



SAP S/4HANA OP2022 FPS00 or upper version. Fiori server must be installed.



Please see the below SAP Note.

3233845 - Configuration Steps for Advanced Intercompany Stock Transfer in SAP S/4HANA

3283316 - Scope activation of Technical Job Definitions in VCM processes

Customize Hints:

Classic ATP is also used.

IMG>Cross-Application Components>Advanced Availability-to-Promise (aATP)> Configuration Activities for Specific Document Types>Stock Transport Orders>Configure Delivery Type & Availability Check Procedure by Plant


IMG>Materials Management>Purchasing>Purchase Order>Set Up Stock Transport Order>Define Shipping Data for Plants


IMG>Sales and Distribution>Billing>Intercompany Billing>Define Internal Customer Number By Sales Organization

IMG>ABAP Platform>Application Server>System Administration>Activation of Scope-Dependent Background Job Definitions (Tr-CD: S_YI3_39000188)



You can customize the job.





Business Partner


Business partner for Receiving company


Receiving company’s Internal purchase price and Sending company’s Internal sales price should be exactly same. Otherwise, the internal invoice verification will fail.

Intercompany Purchase Order

Intercompany Billing document



Execute “Create Purchase Order Advanced” Fiori Apps or TR-CD:ME21N

Set Purchase Order Type, Supplier and Purchase Organization.


ATP woks after a material number and quantity are set in the STO order.

Set “0004 Inbound Delivery” as the confirmation Control


Internal Seles order is created automatically by VCM

Create an outbound delivery by “My Purchase Orders Due for Delivery” Fiori Apps or Tr-CD: VL10B

Set the shipping point.

Push “Execute” button

Check the purchase order

Push “Background” button

GI by “My Outbound Delivery Monitor” or Tr-CD: VL06O

Set the Shipping Point

Push “Execute” button

Check the outbound delivery

Push “Post Goods Issue” button

Push “Continue”

Success message


Good Issue for OD into SiT (GIOD) Movement Type 681

Created inbound delivery document automatically by VCM

Create a Billing document by “Create Billing Documents” Fiori Apps or TR-CD: VF01

Check the out bound delivery document and push “Create Billing Documents” button

Created the billing document as a draft

Push “Save” button

Push “Post Billing Document” button

Monitor the Advanced Intercompany Stock Transfer” process by “Monitor Value Chains” Fiori Apps

Crick the leading purchase order document and push “>” button

Crick “i” button


Job schedule is the internal transfer control data


After coming the job due date, subsequent material documents were created automatically.

You can do GR posing manually for the inbound delivery document by “Inbound Deliveries for Purchase Orders” Fiori Apps or Tr-CD: VL32N

Push “Post Goods Receipt” Button




The business process was finished.




Post GI from Issuing SiT (GIIV)  Movement Type 685T

Post Goods Receipt to Receiving SiT (GRRV)  Movement Type 107


Post Stock Transfer into Physical Stock (GRID)  Movement Type109

Supplier Invoice



You understand how Advanced Intercompany Stock Transfer works.



Best Practice

Nothing for Advanced intercompany Stock transfer OP/Private Cloud

5HP - Advanced Intercompany Stock Transfer for SAP S/4HANA Public Cloud


SAP Note:

3366080 - SAP S/4HANA 2023: Restrictions and General Information for Advanced Intercompany Stock Tra...

3226677 - SAP S/4HANA 2022: Restrictions and General Information for Advanced Intercompany Stock Tra...

2190119 - Background information about SAP S/4HANA technical job repository

2849364 - Jobs in the Technical Job Repository (SJOBREPO) in SAP S/4HANA 2021

3195909 - Jobs in the Technical Job Repository (SJOBREPO) in SAP S/4HANA 2022

3236399 - FAQ - Technical Job Repository (SJOBREPO)

3324421 - How long it will take effect after re-activating the jobs manually in SJOBREPO

3387903 - Standard jobs defined in job repository got cancelled after post processing

3397763 - If it is possible to transport the changings of one standard job in SJOBREPO


2734777 - SJOBREPO: Technical Job Repository is not scheduling jobs in a client

3211320 - Mass Resolution of Issues in Processes Tracked by the Monitor Value Chains App

2816000 - CVI_VAL: Message "& plant already assigned to vendor &. Specify another Plant." (CVIV_UI 1...


Fiori Apps Library'F4854')/S...

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