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This blog is for SD consultants. I used SAP S/4HANA OP2020 FPS1 version. However, it also works with SAP S/4HANA  2021 and 2022 onwards, and SAP S/4HANA Cloud, private edition.

What is Release for Delivery

It is manual back order process.

After advanced ATP BOP you can also modify the results manually just before creating delivery documents.

You have to create delivery documents through Release for delivery, if you modify confirmed quantity by using it.




IMG >Cross-Application Components >Advanced Available-to-Promise(aATP) >Product Availability Check(PAC) >Define Availability Check Group


Product Master:

Tr-cd: mm02


Configure Order Fulfillment Responsibilities

Fiori App ID F2246


Click “Create” button.

”*” is a mandatory field.

In this case Product number are set for the selection criteria.


Click “Crate” button.


Input a user ID and click “Apply” button.


Click “Apply” button.

Click “Create” button.

Configuration end

Execute Release for delivery

Fiori App ID F1786


Click “>” button.

Push Sort button.

Select criteria and push ok button.

Reduce lower delivery priority sales order conformation quantity manually.

Then, impact bar shows available quantity.

Increase higher priority sales order quantity manually.

Then, push publish and back button.

Click prepared.

And select item then push release for delivery button.

Delivery documents are created immediately.



You understand how Release for delivery works.




BAdI for customize the Release for Delivery Impact Bar

–BADI_ATP_R4D_MATERIAL_IMPACT (influences impact on material level = multiple lines)

–BADI_ATP_R4D_REQUIREMNT_IMPACT(influences impact on line item level)



SAP Note:

2667162 - FAQ: Release for Delivery (R4D)

2632900 - Release for Delivery: additional information.

3066116 - Release for Delivery: additional information


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