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Product and Topic Expert
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When HANA smart data streaming ("SDS") was first released in SPS09, we only supported system configurations where the SDS server ran on a dedicated node within the HANA system. This requirement applied for development and testing systems as well as production systems.

With SPS 11, we now officially support using SDS in a single node HANA system for non-production usage, which includes development and testing. The basic process is to first install the SDS component using the hdblcm/hdblcmgui tools but to not add a separate host. After completing the software install, you can then add a "local role" of "streaming" to the single HANA node using the hdbmodify utility. The instructions on how to run hdbmodify are currently included in the Troubleshooting section of the SAP HANA Smart Data Streaming: Installation and Update Guide under the topic Installing the Streaming Host on the SAP HANA Master Host Fails - SAP HANA Smart Data Streaming: Ins....

Note: There is currently no method to remove a local role from a HANA system. This means that if you wised to remove the local streaming role you would have to uninstall and reinstall the HANA system.  In contrast, you can both add and remove additional SDS hosts when you run SDS on a separate node within the HANA system.