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As explained in Capire documentation  you can efficiently and rapidly build enterprise ready cloud services & business applications in a full-stack development approach and extend S/4HANA  with your own choice of Tools using your comfortable IDE/Code Editors  such as SAP Business Application Studio  or Visual Studio Code or Eclipse  based on either JavaScript/Node.js/Express.js or Java Spring Boot in a platform-agnostic mode

CAP has Dedicated tools support provided in SAP Business Application Studio, Visual Studio CodeEclipse.

For a preconfigured development environment, use SAP Business Application Studio which comes with all of the required tools preinstalled. i.e you no need to install most of tools if you are going to use SAP Business Application Studio

On the other hand  CAP certainly gives opinionated guidance, we do so without sacrificing openness and flexibility. At the end of the day, you stay in control of which tools or technologies to choose or which architecture patterns to follow ,still keeping the door wide open for custom choice

The purpose of this article is to share tricks , useful extensions you can install in your comfortable IDE/code Editors SAP Business Application Studio or Visual Studio Code or Eclipse

you can try to install below extensions in SAP Business Application Studio or  Visual Studio Code or Eclipse just to speed up the development & boost your productivity


Useful extensions to Initialize  Data in CAP Application

As you might know  SAP CAP has option to initialize local data for your BTP applications in CSV file for local testing of Services, Fiori APPS .You can read about How to Initialize data in CAP Application

A CSV file representing a whole table  & must be named as db_name.table_name.csvGo to your “db” folder and create a subfolder called “csvs or “data”, and inside create a CSV file.. The name of file name pattern <namespace>-<model_name>.csv


As shown below by default you need to enter values for columns with semicolon-separated


However this will be hard to edit csv file ,modify data if CSV contains too many columns ,chance are there for mistakes


Extension 1

You can install this extension in SAP Business Application Studio as shown below

  • Open you Dev Space in SAP Business Application Studio

  • Select Extensions options & search for “csv” as shown below

  • Click in install

That’s it .  Extension installation is so easy feature in our SAP Business Application Studio. You no need to restart Dev Space

Congratulations! , You have successfully installed  extension in SAP Business Application Studio

This extensions allows you to edit csv files with an excel like table UI


Now to open CSV file , you can right click & choose “Edit CSV”


With this option your csv files displayed as below in table format , so that you can easily manage data just like in Excel



Extension 2

CDS CSV Generator is a tool to create initial CSV data files for SAP Cloud Application Programming Model applications

Uninstall Extension Procedure

Any time if you don’t need any extension in Business Application Studio & you decided to uninstall

Procedure to uninstall extension is
> You can go to Extensions View

          > Select desired Extension you want to uninstall

          > Click on Uninstall button

For example




SAP Business Application Studio DISCLAIMER

SAP provides you with a mechanism to access third party sites to view and download open-source, 3rd party or its own tools, libraries, or software components (“Extensions”) to dev spaces in SAP Business Application Studio. Using this mechanism, you can view and install VS Code Extensions from the VSX Open Registry at your own risk. SAP does not certify or endorse any of the third-party sites or Extensions, and they are not part of SAP Business Application Studio. You must ensure that you have and maintain all the necessary rights to use these Extensions. You are responsible for all aspects of the Extensions, including maintenance, management, security, and support. You will assume all responsibility for any negative effects caused by or relating to the Extensions. SAP may elect, in its sole discretion, to disable any dev space that includes Extensions that cause system malfunction or that SAP reasonably believes may cause harm to SAP systems.

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