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A request we often get is to show SAP Analytics Cloud in our solutions like SAP Work Zone and even Fiori Launchpad stand alone or the launchpad in Work Zone.  The request is not to have your entire Analytic Catalog shown but often just Story or even pages of the story.  Let’s start by showing how you might setup adding an SAP Analytics Cloud Story to the Launchpad in SAP Work Zone.  The end result may look something like this where you have your SAP Analytics Cloud story as a Workspace.

Prepare SAP Analytics Cloud 

  • You’ll need to enable iframe embedding within SAP Analytics Cloud

    1. Log on to SAP Analytics Cloud, open menu > System   Administration > App Integration.

    2. Under Trusted Origin

      • Add Trusted Origin


  • Copy the URL of the story you want to embed into SAP Analytics Cloud

 Example: https://<TENANT>/sap/fpa/ui/tenants/<TENANT_ID>/bo/story/<STORY_ID>

  • Choose Display Parameters

                 1. mode – set to embed

https://<TENANT>/sap/fpa/ui/tenants/<TENANT_ID>/bo/story/<STORY_ID>?                     mode=embed

                 2. pageBar– utilized only for Embed Mode, either

      1. Show

      2. Disable

                   Example: https://<TENANT>/sap/fpa/ui/tenants/<TENANT_ID>/bo/story/<STORY_ID>?                     mode=embed&pageBar=disable n/id – reference the page you want to be displayed. This can be by index or                                pageID. 

                  Example: https://<TENANT>/sap/fpa/ui/tenants/<TENANT_ID>/bo/story/<STORY_ID>?                      mode=embed&pageBar=disable&page=2

                4. lang – Specify the language to be displayed (if not specified default language from user                      profile)

                    Example: https://<TENANT>/sap/fpa/ui/tenants/<TENANT_ID>/bo/story/<STORY_ID>?                     mode=embed&pageBar=disable&page=2&lan=en



Prepare SAP Work Zone

  •  Login into your Work Zone Tenant

           Example: https://*.<TenantID>.workzone.cfapps.<DataCenter>

  • Navigate to the Administration Console >External Integration >Business Content>Content Manager

  • Select +New > App

  • Enter in required fields. Open App lets you determine if you want to display the story within the same window or launch it in another tab. As we are not passing any parameters in this URL uncheck the Add intent and default SAP parameters to URL

  • Click the Navigation tab. Input Semantic Object and Action

  • Click Save

  • Select the back button and assign the application to a role. For this example we will add the application to the preexisting role Everyone. Select the role from the list

  • Select Edit. In the search bar filter down the list to the app you just created and click the plus sign.

  • Click Save

  • Click New and then Group

  • Enter Title and add the application created in the previous step

  • Click save

  • Navigate to the applications tab within SAP Work Zone.

  • You should now see a new group with the SAC Dashboard tile in your SAP Fiori Launchpad

  • Upon clicking the tile you can see your dashboard embedded within SAP Work Zone.


Now you are ready to provide users in your organization with a central entry point that can provide the insight you need to take action in your business. If you have found this information useful, please feel free to follow myself and the SAP Work Zone and SAP Analytics Cloud tags. For any questions, please post them in the topic areas described in this post (SAP Work Zone: & SAP Analytics Cloud: