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When you decided to subscribe to SAP Landscape Management Cloud for automating and optimizing the management of SAP systems running on infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), you might have chosen to only add a selected set of systems. These might have been your most crucial systems in the landscape leaving out some development, demo, or training instances to limit the number of licensed “Connections”. This left you with only a partial view on your IaaS consumption for SAP systems and the related budget.

Last week, we did a major change within SAP Landscape Management Cloud to enable you reviewing your whole system landscape on IaaS. You can now onboard all systems into SAP Landscape Management Cloud. Only for a selected subset, you enable the full set of features, thus using a licensed “Connection”. Elevating a discovered system into the “managed” status will turn on basic features of SAP Landscape Management Cloud like manually starting and stopping systems or seeing analytics data for a limited period of time. Promoting it to “Advanced Usage” will unlock the full capacity of SAP Landscape Management Cloud for the system. Here is a comparison of basic and advanced usage:

Basic Usage Advanced Usage
Manual start / stop of systems Yes Yes
Optimization via patterns No Yes
Refreshing the system No Yes
Key generation for ABAP Post-Copy Automation task lists (new as well!) No Yes
Automation via APIs and Event Routing Yes Yes

You have the full flexibility to switch between the two levels of system management at any point in time. Nevertheless, the insights into your complete SAP system landscape are now available for all systems onboarded to SAP Landscape Management Cloud!


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