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This blog post will be helpful to the ones who are trying to create an account on SAP Business Technology Platform aka SAP BTP for Business Application Studio, ABAP Environment or any other environment.

To become familiar with the specifics of the trial offerings, have a look at the following resources:

It has been noticed and reported, that sometimes while creating the trial account on SAP BTP, the user does not get the required Entitlements/Subscriptions/Service by default. Don't worry, we can add them manually.

Terms used:

You should understand the difference between entitlements and quota because you’ll encounter these 2 terms quite often.

  • Entitlements are your right to provision and consume a resource. They refer to what you’re entitled to use (e.g., which services and service plans).

  • Quota is the numeric quantity that defines the maximum allowed consumption of that resource. In other words, how much of a service plan you’re entitled to use.

Entitlements and quotas are managed at the global account level, distributed to directories and subaccounts, and consumed by the subaccounts.

When you remove quotas or entitlements from a subaccount, they become available again at the global account level and can be assigned to other subaccounts.

For more information on entitlements, you can always consult the documentation on Entitlements.

If you run into problems regarding entitlements and quotas, can check out the Guided Answers.

For more information, click here.

Steps - To Perform

  1. Log in to your SAP BTP Trial Account.

  2. Click "Enter Your Trial Account"

  3. Click on the trial account Tile.

  4. Click on the "Entitlements" on the Left-hand side.

  5. Click on "Configure Entitlements".

  6. Click on "Add Service Plans".

  7. You will see a list of Service Entitlements. You can add the missing "Entitlements" as required.For example, if you are not entitled to use the Service or Subscription for "SAP Business Application Studio", then you can select the Entitlement as in the list below and then Add it to the service plan, by clicking "Add Service plan" button.

  8. Once done, you can see your "Entitlements" in the list below, click "Save".
    After Saving, you will get a message like below:

  9. After successfully completing the above steps, you will be "Entitled" to use the required subscriptions, for example, a subscription for SAP Business Application Studio in the above case.

  10. You can now notice, that the above Entitlement is visible to be selected as a Subscription in your Service Marketplace corner.
    Click on the Tile to be subscribed and then Create the Subscription.

    After you click "Create", above, you will get the popup as below, click "Create" again.

    Your request to create a new subscription will be submitted and in some time you will be able to see the subscription added to your trial account.

  11. Subscription is now added to your trial account, you can open the application by clicking on "Go to Application".


This way you can add a Service or Entitlement in your SAP BTP Trial Account.

In case you need to add some points to this, feel free to suggest by a comment on this blog post.

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