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SAP S/4HANA Cloud, public edition customers can adapt and extend standard functionality to meet the business needs of their users. Depending on the specific needs, you can choose between different options. The SAP Extensibility Explorer helps you to determine which tools to use for what purpose.

According to the SAP Extensibility Explorer, key user extensibility covers the adaption of standard applications without the need for any external tools. In this post I will explain why Adapt UI for classic applications using Screen Personas is an integral part of the key user extensibility story and how it can help customers beyond the scope of the Adapt UI capabilities functionality.

Adapt UI and processes

You may have heard and even used Adapt UI functionality for SAP Fiori apps or classic applications through SAP Fiori launchpad to adjust the number of fields or their placement on the UI. Or, perhaps you changed the visual appearance of UI elements for both UI technologies. Maybe you even automated process steps with scripting for the classic applications with Adapt UI for classic applications using Screen Personas. You can already achieve a lot of user guidance and process simplifications with adapting the UI.

Access to Adapt UI options in from user action menu in SAP Fiori launchpad


The Adapt UI option from the user action menu in SAP Fiori launchpad opens the relevant tool based on the UI technology of the opened app – if the authorization for accessing the tools is set up.

  • Adapting SAP Fiori apps with SAPUI5 flexibility for runtime adaption

  • Adapting classic apps with Adapt UI for classic applications using Screen Personas


Extend applications through custom fields

In addition to “just” adapt existing UIs, you can use available APIs and data sources to add custom fields to existing applications to capture and use data which is specific to your own business. For this, several steps are required: 1) extend the business logic of the application and 2) place the new field into the UI.

Key user extensibility in development systems of a 3- system landscape (3SL) of SAP S/4HANA Cloud, Public Edition


  • For extending SAPUI5-based Fiori apps
    Extend the database table, CDS views, and OData service with the Custom Fields and Logic To reflect the extension in the UI, Adapting SAP Fiori UIs at Runtime is used as mandatory step to adapt the SAPUI5-based apps.

  • For extending classic applications
    Extend the database table and the corresponding SAP GUI screen with the Custom Fields and Logic If enabled, classic applications display the added fields in a dedicated custom field area of the application, regardless of where the custom fields may be needed from a process perspective, e.g. a dedicated custom field tab.
    An option to tailor the UI of the classic application for a specific business role is using the Adapt UI for classic applications using Screen Personas functionality. An excellent description and step-by-step instructions on how to add a custom field to a classic application from start to finish is available in the blog of Georg Wilhelm: SAP Screen Personas: How to position key user custom fields exactly where you want them to be | SAP ...

We hope this very powerful combination to extend SAP-delivered applications for meeting business needs and to adapt the UI for best supporting the user needs when working with the software helps you in accomplishing tasks in the most efficient way and with the intended user satisfaction.


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