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So, what is a near-line store?

A near-line store (NLS) describes a system used to store and manage data that is used less frequently, or with different access requirements than traditional online systems. An NLS can increase the amount of data available to users without adding to the workload or data requirements of the online store but still maintaining fast access to it.

With SAP Sybase IQ as an NLS supporting the SAP BW on HANA, customers have the best of both worlds: the power of high-performance in-memory solutions and the cost-effective means to store and analyze massive amounts of information. The new implementation uses an SAP NetWeaver native NLS capability to connect to the SAP Sybase IQ NLS. This powerful, integrated solution delivers the performance and responsiveness business users’ demand, while keeping IT storage and maintenance costs in check.

Check out our new video to learn how you can efficiently access massive volumes of data cost effectively with the new Near-Line Storage option from SAP Sybase IQ for SAP NetWeaver BW on HANA. Separate data you access frequently from data you access rarely to achieve the perfect balance of cost and performance.