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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
This is the second blog in the a series dedicated to make sense of the evolution of the SAP Business Accelerator Hub.


From the previous blog; yes, we renamed SAP API Business Hub to SAP Business Accelerator Hub.  - the site evolved, business environment evolved and we had to keep up. While the site will continue to evolve, the URL will stay. We remain committed to deliver high quality, enterprise grade, pre-built accelerators for our customers and consultants.

Why did we need a new URL?

Today we launched SAP Build content on the SAP Business Accelerator Hub, SAP Build offers prebuilt accelerators for Task Automation, Business Processes, Applications and Actions.

Accelerators can be classified into one of these three buckets 'No Code', 'Low Code' and 'Pro Code' and all 3 are represented to the SAP Business Accelerator Hub. SAP Build representing 'No Code', Cloud Integration's Integration Flows fit 'Low Code' profile while APIs are firmly 'Pro Code'.

Given you cannot get more pro code than, we needed a new URL to better describe inclusive nature of accelerators listed on the site hence Both URLs lead you to same website with the same content.

But this leads to the question how would low code users react when they accidentally stumble across pro code content or vice versa?. I deal with this question in my next blog Introducing SAP Business Accelerator Hub Domains