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SAP partnership with Savvis enables customers to take advantage of SAP HANA benefits sooner

Many companies world-wide are taking advantage of a new partnership between SAP and Savvis and as a result are experiencing the benefits of SAP HANA.  For more information on how SAP HANA can control costs, enhance flexibility and improve quality of service, while reducing total cost of ownership, you can view this video.

Vishal Sikka, member of the Executive Board of SAP AG and the Global Managing Board, who heads all SAP products and innovation, identifies 3 key areas of how SAP HANA is impacting organizations in a blog post, “The Business Value of Speed

  • Real-time Analytics
  • Real-time Business Process
  • Real-time Business Models

In this blog post, Vishal explains how this innovative technology is having a significant impact on companies that are adopting it. SAP HANA enables companies like Provimi to speed up the time it takes to run its CO-PA report from 10 hours to 2.4 seconds, which includes covering all company codes and 2 years of data. This accelerated performance (15,000x faster analysis and insight) has enabled Provimi to increase profitability because it can make real-time purchasing decisions for raw materials based on the latest demand forecasts.

Another example is Yodobashi, which is transforming its customer relationships (loyalty reward calculation) by leveraging a 100,000x faster incentive calculation (from 3 days to 2-3 seconds). SAP HANA enables Yodobashi to offer personalized offerings while a customer is at a physical store or on its website.

SAP HANA impacts the way organizations operate, making them more agile, responsive and efficient. However, as with any new technology, there is an adoption curve and new skills that IT organizations teams need to learn to maximize the benefits of SAP HANA.

In order to accelerate the adoption curve and decrease any barriers, SAP has joined forces with Savvis to offer a global, subscription-based hosting service for the SAP HANA® platform. With this partnership, organizations can gain access to SAP HANA without incurring additional CAPEX or training expenses to help IT staff to get up to speed.

According to Kevin Ichhpurani, Senior Vice President & Head of Business Development at Ecosystem Innovation, "Savvis' cloud and hosting environment for SAP solutions, including SAP HANA, will help customers be more agile, providing additional operational efficiencies and choices in how to tap big data to move business forward."

In this video, Jeff Von Deylen, President, Savvis, and Kevin Chew, Group Vice President, MCaaS & Technology Alliances SAP, address the value this new partnership brings to an organization. They also discuss how Savvis and SAP are aligned with the needs of CEOs, CIOs and Line of Business Managers, including improved ROI, effective use of cash and fast-functional improvements.

Tapping into the key points Jeff and Kevin shared on the video, SAP and Savvis have developed 3 specific blog posts that address the essential issues CEOs, COOs and Line of Business Managers need to know about hosting SAP HANA:

What CEOs Need to Know About Hosted SAP HANA

What COOs Need to Know About Managed Hosting for SAP HANA

What Tech Execs Need to Know about Hosted SAP HANA

Each blog post addresses how SAP HANA can enable you to facilitate simplicity, agility and efficiency in your organization.

There are several resources to help understand how SAP and Savvis can help you in your SAP HANA deployments; here are a couple of recent videos that I believe can provide relevant information:

  • Tim Beerman, VP Hosting Business Unit at Savvis, shares in this video how SAP and Savvis have joined forces to eliminate deployment barriers and
    mitigate risks for SAP HANA implementations.
  • Binoy James, Director Product Management nterprise Applications at Savvis, explains here ow to seamlessly to migrate SAP Business Suite to SAP HANA on Savvis, having undled both the services and the infrastructure hosting in as OPEX.
  • Binoy James shares here is perspective on how Savvis can help increase the performance of SAP Business arehouse to enable migration from existing environment to SAP HANA.

Here are the key takeaways:


  1. SAP HANA is gaining adoption, so if you do not dopt it soon, you may be at a competitive disadvantage
  2. SAP and Savvis have partnered to eliminate any doption barriers, making it easy from an operational, infrastructure and cost odel perspective.
  3. SAP HANA is bringing real value to companies. For etailed examples, see here.

I really hope you found this information useful, and I invite ou to share your feedback on any topic around this offering. I am particularly nterested in understanding if there are any challenges you face that prevent ou from taking advantage of SAP HANA.