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In today´s changing worldit is no secret that businesses require flexibility to surviveThe many crises, changes in customer´s needs, and new regulations make it almost an imperative that businesses constantly adapt, and fast. But this agility needs to consider process compliance and must not overlook the different regulations of the countries where operations take place. 

Correct communication with government agencies is crucial In many countries, documents like invoices or delivery notes must be electronically registered with the government authorities before they are sent out to customers.  

Understanding all these document regulations, staying posted with the latest updates and being capable of implementing them fast is a very complex but critical task. This requires constant knowledge of guidelines as well as a proper integration flows for document registration. Even more, if a company operates in several countries, the complexity increases dramatically. 

To address this critical requirementSAP Integration Suite works in combination with SAP Document Compliance to facilitate the delivery of those documents to government agencies.  

The SAP  Integration Suite prebuilt content for electronic delivery of compliance documents is available for a number of countries. These integration packages for document compliance are constantly updated and maintained by SAP, easing the efforts to comply with different countries´ regulations. These updates include documentation on how to create the integration flow for document registrations and capabilities to register certificates accordingly. 

Meet Janea Solution Architect who has become very competent at integration.  In fact, her team has given her a nickname of “CINTO”, short for “Chief INTegration Officer”. We invite you to see how Jane accelerates Government document compliance.