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Transitioning to the cloud is now more efficient, user friendly and quicker than ever before thanks to SAPs new cloud-based Application Lifecycle Management offering, SAP Cloud ALM. Targeted at cloud-centric customers, it provides simplified implementation of cloud-based solutions and our new openSAP Course “Accelerate Cloud Implementations with SAP Cloud ALM” will provide you with the knowledge required to kickoff your next cloud project!

In this course, which builds on the success of the “SAP Cloud ALM in a Nutshell” openSAP course, you’ll explore the SAP Cloud ALM functionalities that support, accelerate, and optimize the implementation of cloud solutions from SAP. Usage rights for SAP Cloud ALM are included with the cloud editions of SAP Enterprise Support

Week 1: SAP Cloud ALM Project Delivery

What is SAP Cloud ALM? How can SAP Cloud ALM guide my cloud project to success? How do I get started?

Find the answers to the above questions and more as you learn from the Chief Product Owner Michael Kloeffer about how SAP Cloud ALM works for your projects, how to set up your initial project in SAP Cloud ALM and onboard your project team, the consumption of SAP Activate in SAP Cloud ALM as you choose your project task template and the landscape management capabilities of SAP Cloud ALM

By using our follow along demos, attempting our course exercises and accessing our demo tenants you will conclude week 1 of learning by creating your own SAP Cloud ALM Project, assigning your project team and populating your task list with a task template of your choice!


Week 2: Tasks and Business Processes

How does SAP Cloud ALM consume SAP Best Practice Content? Is it possible to create multiple project scopes for my fit-to-standard workshops? Capturing requirements in a key objective in my fit-to-standard workshop, how does SAP Cloud ALM support this?

Product Owners Jagmohan S Chawla and Wulff-Heinrich Knapp help you understand the SAP Cloud ALM task driven environment, how business process scoping in SAP Cloud ALM is a key prerequisites to running your fit-to-standard workshop and the capturing of requirements and notes. To cap it off you will get a glimpse of how SAP Cloud ALM supports Agile practices through its definition of project sprints!

Course participants will finish week 2 having created their project scopes, executed their fit-to-standard workshops and capture requirements on scoped processes


Week 3: Requirements and Testing

How do I categorize, approve, and begin working on my requirements in SAP Cloud ALM? Is it possible to break my requirements down into user stories and sub tasks? Testing is a key part of my project, how does SAP Cloud ALM support manual test case creation and execution?

Moritz Gysler as Product Owner will walk you through the change management flow of requirements, from the initial requirements capturing, classifying and approval right through to deployment. Nicolas Alech also shares the testing capabilities of SAP Cloud ALM as you understand the testing approach based on scoped processes and learn how to create, execute and confirm your test cases.

Those engaged with the course will find themselves approving requirements, creating and assigning user stories to sprints, creating and executing their manual test cases and understanding how the test run works in SAP Cloud ALM


Week 4: Additional Capabilities and Outlook

What’s next for SAP Cloud ALM? How can I ensure I utilize the capabilities of SAP Cloud ALM to lead my project to success? What are the extensibility options of SAP Cloud ALM? How do integrate with SAP Central Business Configuration? Where can I learn more?

The final week of the course pulls together experts from across the SAP Cloud ALM world and beyond to bring you a week of summaries, keys to success, extensibility and future capabilities to ensure that upon completion of this course you possess the in-depth knowledge required to kickstart your SAP Cloud ALM project and understand how SAP Cloud ALM will work for you well into the future!


Additional Course Content:

  • Gain a Record of Achievement upon the passing of graded assignments

  • Test your knowledge with our course exercises

  • Get a hands on feel for SAP Cloud ALM with access to our openSAP course demo tenants

  • Refresh your knowledge with our SAP Cloud ALM media library demos, guides and more!

  • Engage with course speakers through our course collaboration sapce

Course Link:

Accelerate Cloud Implementations with SAP Cloud ALM - openSAP