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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
Companies are undertaking business process transformation to avoid disruption, to drive innovation, to gain efficiencies and modernize their mission-critical systems with reduced business risk. Although, transitioning to cloud is an imperative in the current business climate, companies often re-think business processes during such a move. This is where SAP Signavio solutions provide a collaborative process-centric approach to business transformation at scale.

Ready-made contents and value accelerators are key to achieve continuous business process optimization goals. SAP Signavio Process Explorer is the solution which provides knowledge and value accelerators. To help our customers, be fast and efficient in transformation, our One Process Acceleration Layer practice generates and collates value accelerators from both SAP and Partners.

The inaugural Hack2Build initiative on SAP Signavio was brought to Asia Pacific region partners to get them to build industry, product, and process-specific innovative value accelerators. The initiative was held between 7-14 June 2023 as a hybrid event with the final demo-jam  held in Melbourne, Australia. The hack phase constituted of  partners across India, SEA, Japan and Australia, who put their ideas into action for a week. On the 7th day, the partners showcased their concept and their minimal viable product (MVP) developed with SAP coaching  to SAP Senior leaders on the final demo-jam day.

We had 8 Partner companies  across Asia Pacific and Japan who joined as for the inaugural Hack2Build initiative, conceptualized and set out to  build value accelerators using SAP Signavio, leveraging and combining the power of SAP Business Technology platform (SAP BTP). IBM had 2 representations, one from IBM Australia and other from IBM India.

Hack2Build - SAP Signavio - June 7-14, 2023-APJ Partners

In this blog, we highlight the 3 winning partner innovations built leveraging SAP Signavio, SAP Business Technology Platform (SAP BTP) and SAP S/4 HANA.


Winner: cbs Corporate Business Solutions Malaysia Sdn.Bhd

cbs focused on accounts receivables with their Smart Process Automation for Credit Risk Classification solution built on SAP Signavio. The solution addresses how late payments in companies disrupts cash flow, increase credit risk, and cause financial instability. The lack of visibility into the status of their accounts receivable, essentially makes it difficult to prioritize collection efforts and manage cash flow effectively. cbs set out to classify customers' credit risk as good or bad based on payment history to help identify potential payment issues and take proactive measures to mitigate them.

cbs showcased the source data transformation performed in SAP Data Intelligence Cloud. After ingesting it to SAP Signavio Process Intelligence via ingestion API, the risks associated to customer credit terms with an in-depth process analysis were carried out. Then using actions, SAP BTP Process Automation was called to automate the risk mitigating steps which includes the classification of bad and good credit, email reminders and approval workflow thereby managing customer credit limits in an effective way. cbs shared the big-picture view of the credit risk classification process landscape using the inbuilt intuitive presentation mode of SAP Signavio Process Collaboration Hub. With SAP Signavio Process Manager, the business process model was designed according to the process flow, to assess the measures and mitigate the financial risks.

Cbs: Smart Process Automation for Credit Risk Classification


1st Runner-up: DXC Technology

DXC’s Sustainability Process Intelligence solution, measures and assesses ESG scores and focuses on EU regulations in preparation for ANZ regulations in the future. It analyses and assess the full production process from inbound raw materials to finished products distribution, considering both internal and externally owned assets, connecting with 3rd party systems from suppliers, distributors, SCADA systems and flat files. SAP Signavio Process Intelligence takes the  data and then turns into actionable insights. The SAP Analytics Cloud is used with the Cloud Connector to securely communicate with the on-premises/private cloud SAP HANA database,SAP S/4HANA and SAP BW/4HANA system. The demo focused on inbound transportation metrics as an input into the manufacturing process, including links to supplier systems and data.

DXC: Sustainability Process Intelligence for ANZ


2nd Runner-up: IBM Australia

IBM demonstrated an accelerator for Celonis Execution Management System to SAP Signavio Migration. To leverage their existing investments made on Celonis and as a part of their business transformation journey with SAP, Customers would like to have a quick and easy migration to SAP Signavio, with least efforts and cost. During the hack phase, IBM showcased some of the features and functionalities of the migration and rest of the functionalities to be covered during the full scope solution build. IBM included 4 MVP Functionalities such as, Bulk import of BPMN process diagram to Signavio using SAP Build App by calling the SAP Signavio Process Manager API, avoiding manual intervention to upload through ingestion API using SAP Data Intelligence from both SAP and Non-SAP data sources to SAP Signavio Process Intelligence, converting transformation query with special emphasis on date time query and the numeric field query, and for KPI/Metrics  taking up a specific issue converting Celonis multiple lines of Process Query Language (PQL) code  to SAP Signavio Analytics Language, SIGNAL  for process analysis using SAP Build Apps and Google Cloud Vertex AI platform using the PaLM API.

IBM: Accelerator to SAP Signavio Migration


The Winners were announced on 15th June 2023 at the SAP Signavio Business Process Transformation Forum held in Melbourne where 200 customer and partner participants participated.

We are thankful to the SAP colleagues from SAP Signavio product management and SAP Signavio APJ teams and the Partner Solution Adoption unit of the Partner Ecosystem Success organization, who were working as one SAP  to plan and execute this initiative.

Many thanks goes to our esteemed panel of judges listed below, who spared considerable time to listen to the innovation pitch and witness the MVP build by Partners.  They provided valuable feedback in terms of solution architecture, understand the market value and provide guidance  for better solution adoption.

  • Amodiovalerio Verde - Vice President, SAP Signavio Product Management

  • Andrew White - Senior Vice President, SAP Signavio APJ & Greater China

  • Chris Willcocks - Vice President, Head of Enterprise Cloud SAP ANZ

  • Rudi Held - Vice President, Global Head of SAP Co-Innovation Lab

As next steps, SAP teams will coach the Partners who are interested to move forward and help them to build the full scope solution.

As a SAP Partner, If you are keen to participate, do lookup the Hack2Build calendar page, for topics of interest to you.

Also, if you are interested to find out how to use SAP Signavio within your daily business, set up your workspace, and learn some best practices by exploring SAP’s free learning content on SAP Signavio solutions. SAP Signavio is designed to empower you to actively engage in improving processes to drive efficiency and customer excellence. Check out even more role-based learning resources and opportunities to get certified in one place on SAP Learning site.