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During the curse of each BW / BI implementation project, the main focus is lying on the new, fancy features and Reporting possibilities which came in with BW 7.30. Everyone is happy with development Authorizations; everything looks fine during the first INT Testing.

Shortly before roll-out, the focus comes to the topics around the key feature. Documentation is a topic which usually comes very late in the project cycle - just the very same applies to End-user authorizations - just too often. 🙂

Under time pressure the colleagues dealing with the unloved Authorization topics are involved and the question comes up: Can we have a flexible and granular Authorization concept within a quite short left-over timeframe which is stable and scalable with low maintenance costs?

NOW, we can say - YES WE CAN - by using the new Virtual Analysis Authorization concept which is based on the Virtual Authorization BAdi RSEC_VIRTUAL_AUTH_BADI.

During the build- up of one of the internal BW 7.30 System, the Implementation has been established and is fully leveraging a Viewcluster which keep all the needed information for a full blown emulation of the well-known Analysis Authorizations.

This whole Framework of the Virtual Authorization implementation has found great acceptance and is the heart piece for granular Analysis Authorizations, enabling several Usergroups across different Line of Businesses with their distinct Authorization needs.

Together with a fast transport connection of the customizing tables for the Framework, new authorization concepts and changes can be applied up to Production system below one working day - helping as well the late projects to get the Q-Gate sign-off for the Access Management.