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Good to know before you get started

With SAP Data Hub 2.7 and SAP Data Intelligence 1909 we enabled for the first time the topic ABAP Integration. If you are not familiar wit the overall concept of the ABAP Integration, please have a look at the overview blog for ABAP Integration.

The ABAP Integration works for SAP Data Hub and SAP Data Intelligence almost similar. To keep it more easy for us as an author we will just use SAP Data Hub (but of course anything we describe counts also for SAP Data Intelligence).

Which software is required in the ABAP system?

You can image that this new integration requires some piece of code to run 😉 We call this software ABAP Pipeline Engine and it is running in the connected ABAP system - not in the SAP Data Hub. The ABAP Pipeline Engine is NOT an additional product. It is part of SAP Data Hub delivery.


For SAP S/4HANA 1909 or SAP S/4HANA 1911 CE the story of the software is very easy. The ABAP Pipeline Engine is automatically shipped with the code and there is no need to install anything else.

Any SAP S/4HANA system below 1909 or 1911 CE is not supported. This means for these system you cannot execute the ABAP CDS Reader nor an ABAP Custom Operator. The system also cannot be used as a SLT server itself.

But it is possible to use any SAP S/4HANA on-premise system between 1610 and higher as a source and replicate with SAP LT Replication Server (SLT) to SAP Data Hub 2.7 or SAP Data Intelligence 1909.

How to use SLT for a replication will be explained in a blog which will be posted soon.

You find further information in the release note: 2830276 - SAP Data Hub/ Data Intelligence ABAP Integration - S4 OP1909

SAP Business Suite

For SAP Business Suite system we have to look first on the underlying NetWeaver version. There is a minimum of 7.00 required. For all versions below, there is no support possible.

Depending on the NetWeaver version the ABAP Pipeline Engine will be made available with an ABAP Addon.

  • NetWeaver 7.00 to 7.51: DMIS 2011 SP17

  • NetWeaver 7.52 and higher: DMIS 2018 SP02

DMIS is the ABAP Addon which is also used for other products like SAP LT Replication Server (SLT), Test Data Migration Server (TDMS), SAP Landscape Transformation or as the basis for certain projects like SLO, Near-Zero Downtime and many more. So there is a high possibility that the Addon is already in the system.

If not you can download it via SWDC under SAP LT Replication Server (SLT). SLT is always bundled into your SAP Data Hub license for replication into SAP Data Hub.

You find further information in the release note:2814951 - SAP Data Hub/ Data Intelligence ABAP Integration - DMIS 2011 SP17/ DMIS 2018 SP02

Important temporary addition for DMIS - a TCI note is required at the moment

From a release cycle perspective, the DMIS addon with the lates SP level was shipped in September. The SAP Data Hub version came later. So there was in between some time for us to improve and enhance the ABAP Integration. Obviously this code needs now to be somehow implemented in the source systems. This will be done via a TCI note.

  • TCI note for DMIS 2018: 2845347

  • TCI note for DMIS 2011 with NW7.00 to 7.30: 2843334

  • TCI note for DMIS 2011 with NW7.31: 2857333

For SAP S/4HANA 1909 FPS00 also a TCI note is required. It is now available (2873666) as a pilot note. To get access please open a ticket on component EIM-DH-ABA and request the note.

Thank you for reading this blog. Let us know if anything is unclear or should be described in more detail. We will post further small blogs dealing with the setup phase in the next days and weeks.

BR from WDF, britta.jochum  and Tobias