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ABAP Custom Code Migration from SAP S/4HANA to SAP Cloud Platform, ABAP Environment

In this blog you will find some suggestions about how to get the most out the SAP TechEd in 2020 virtual event. We will keep it current as more information becomes available.

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Hands-On Video Tutorials

ABAP Ring Master Tahir Hussain Babar (a.k.a. Bob) just published a new video tutorial series about how you can migrate your ABAP custom code application running in an SAP S/4HANA system on-premises (for example) to the SAP Cloud Platform, ABAP environment.

Learning What?

You can watch the ten video tutorials in about one hour and a half. What you learn is

  • How to push and pull ABAP code using abapGit Eclipse plugins and GitHub

  • How to use the Custom Code Migration app to analyse ABAP code for migration

  • How to use the ABAP Test Cockpit (ATC) and Quick Fixes to make your code ready to run in the SAP Cloud Platform, ABAP environment.

Trials and Downloads

As environment we use the free 90-day SAP Cloud Platform trial environment for which you can sign up here:

You will also need to get access to the ABAP environment. In case you are new to the topic or could use an update, visit:

For your local machine download and install the Java runtime, Eclipse, and the ABAP Development Tools (ADT) and abapGit plugins from SAP Development Tools.

YouTube Playlist

Rather go for a bing watch? Here is the playlist on YouTube

Blogs and Tutorials

For additional information, see

Pro Tip: to stay up-to-date make sure to follow the SAP Cloud Platform, ABAP environment topic on the SAP Community.

For abapGIt, see

For the ABAP Test Cockpit, see the ABAP Development User Guide


In this video, we'll go through an introduction to the video series, a summary of what will happen during the series, and will also show a chalkboard of the architecture. The video is intended for folk who just want to the know the highlights before delving in !

0:00 - Introduction

1: 15 - Short walkthrough of each video: setup, target, cloud connector, custom code migration app, abapGit, ABAP Test Cockpit

5:30 - Architecture overview


In this video, we show our environment consisting of a source system (SAP S/4HANA); a target system (SAP Cloud Platform, ABAP Environment); SAP Cloud Connector connecting source and target; and the tools used to perform the migration when using the Custom Code Migration application.


0:40 - Introducing SAP Cloud Platform ABAP environment as target system: service instance

1:20 - Introducing SAP S/4HANA as source system

2:00 - Download and install SapMachine 11 from SAP Development Tools as Java runtime, Eclipse and ABAP Development Tools (ADT) with the abapGit plugin.

3:00 - About the Cloud Connector

6:15 - About destinations in SAP Cloud Platform

7:50 - About the Custom code migration app

Create ABAP Objects

In this video, we show how we can create ABAP objects using ADT taking a domain and data element as example.

0:40 - About building ABAP objects using ABAP Workbench

0:50 - Transaction SE11 ABAP Dictionary for SFLIGHT

1:45 - Viewing objects in Eclipse ABAP Workbench

2:30 - Connections to S/4HANA and ABAP environment

3:35 - New ABAP Project / New ABAP Cloud Project

5:45 - Create new domain and activate

8:10 - Create new data element, join to domain, and activate

Import ABAP Objects

In this video, we show how we can import objects from a GitHub repository to an SAP S/4HANA system (extended table, domain, data elements, and a program).

1:00 - Import data from a GitHub respository

1:35 - Open ABAP Editor (SE38) for report ZABAPGIT_STANDALONE

2:00 - Clone online repository, pull to import objects

4:10 - View results in Eclipse: data elements and extended table

5:20 - Code review using ABAP Dictionary (SE11)

7:10 - Activate objects with data preview

ABAP Programs

In this video, we do a quick code walkthrough of an ABAP program that loads a row of data into an extended table. This program contains some syntax that is not compatible with the SAP Cloud Platform, ABAP environment.

0:40 - ABAP program code walkthrough

3:30 - Activate and run ABAP Program

Custom Code Migration: Create Project

In this video, we show how to create a Custom Code Migration project and run the analysis.

0:40 - Custom Code Migration app on the SAP Cloud Platform, ABAP environment

2:00 - Prerequisites

2:20 - Launch app and create new project

4:20 - Code analysis

Custom Code Migration: Code Analysis

In this video, we show how to work with the Custom Code Migration app for code analysis.

0:40 - Project review

1:55 - Analysis

3:30 - Analyze findings, filter on package, and save as view

6:20 - Quick Fix

6:45 - Code issues

Push and Pull with abapGit

In this video, we show how to push content to Github from an SAP S/4HANA system using abapGit (standalone) in SAP GUI and how to pull objects from GibHub into the SAP Cloud Platform, ABAP environment using the Eclipse AbapGit plugin.

1:00 - Using Github and abapGit

1:35 - Stage content, add, and commit

2:40 - View results in Github

3:55 - Eclipse abapGit view

4:30 - Add abapGit repository, import objects, and activate

7:10 - Review errors

9:00 - Import missing objects

11:20 - Activate and verify

ABAP Test Cockpit

In this video, we demonstrate how to use the ABAP Test Cockpit (ATC).

0:30 - code review and activate ABAP program

1:00 - ABAP Test Cockpit (ATC)

2:00 - Global Code Inspector check variant: SAP_CP_READINESS

2:40 - Code review

3:45 - Quick Fix single entry

5:20 - Recommended Quick Fix

ABAP Test Cockpit (Continued)

In the last video, we perform another ATC Quick Fix and run the program to validate all issues are resolved.

0:40 - Fix syntax warming using Quick Fix

3:30 - Run program to validate migration was completed successfully.

4:30 - Make code change and push to abapGit.

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