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Hi ABAP folks,

There‘s a popular internet meme out there: "One does not simply ...".
It comes from the statement "One does not simply walk into Mordor" made by Boromir, a member of the fellowship in the first Lord of the Rings movie, who is doubtful about the mission‘s prospects of success regarding the destruction of the one ring in Mount Doom - a volcano 🌋 in the realm of Mordor.

Maybe you were or are faced with a similarly tough mission when dealing with or learning ABAP. You could well argue that one does not simply understand ABAP 😅.

How about some info and code snippets on dedicated ABAP topics, concepts and syntax in a nutshell to get some basic equipment on the mission when advancing (certainly less belligerently than the fellowship mentioned above) into the realm of ABAP 🤔?

ABAP Cheat Sheets are there to support you!



No, it's not about foul tricks and cheating. And no teacher will disapprove.
According to Merriam-Webster Dictionary 📚, a cheat sheet is a "a written [...] aid (such as a sheet of notes) that can be referred to for help in understanding or remembering something complex".

What are ABAP Cheat Sheets?

They …

  • provide a collection of information on selected ABAP topics in a nutshell for your reference.
  • focus on ABAP syntax, keywords and additions to ABAP statements.
  • include code snippets.
  • are supported by easy-to-consume demonstration examples that you can import into your SAP BTP ABAP environment or on-premise ABAP system using abapGit for you to run and check out ABAP syntax in action in simple contexts.
  • do not claim to be fully comprehensive as far as the concepts and syntax options are concerned. Since they are enriched by links to glossary entries and chapters of the ABAP Keyword Documentation (the F1 help), and others, they invite you to explore them further.

Currently available cheat sheets

Cheat SheetTopics Covered
ABAP for Cloud DevelopmentBriefly covers the terms ABAP Cloud and classic ABAP to set the context for ABAP for Cloud Development
Data Types and Data ObjectsContains basic information about data types and data objects in ABAP
Internal TablesCreating, filling, reading from, sorting, modifying internal tables
StructuresSome basics when working with structures
  • Reading from database tables using SELECT
  • Changing data in database tables using INSERTUPDATEMODIFY and DELETE
ABAP Object OrientationWorking with objects and components, concepts like inheritance, interfaces, and more
Constructor Expressions
  • Covers constructor expressions with operators such as VALUE, CORRESPONDING, NEW, CONV, EXACT, REF, CAST, COND, SWITCH,  FILTER, REDUCE
  • Iteration expressions with FOR
  • LET expressions
Dynamic Programming
  • Covers field symbols and data references as supporting elements for dynamic programming
  • Dynamic ABAP syntax components
  • Runtime type services (RTTS), i. e. runtime type identification (RTTI) and runtime type creation (RTTC)
String Processing
  • Creating strings and assigning values
  • Chaining strings
  • String templates
  • Concatenating, splitting, modifying strings
  • Searching and replacing
  • Regular expressions
ABAP for RAP: Entity Manipulation Language (ABAP EML)
  • EML syntax
  • ABAP Behavior Pools, RAP handler and saver classes
  • BDEF derived types
Excursion Down to Bits and BytesCovers the technical background of data types and data objects
ABAP SQL: Working with HierarchiesSummarizes the functions ABAP SQL offers together with ABAP CDS for working with hierarchical data that is stored in database tables
Internal Tables: GroupingCovers the GROUP BY clause in statements for internal tables.
ABAP Managed Database Procedures (AMDP)Covers ABAP Managed Database Procedures (AMDP): AMDP Procedures and AMDP Functions (including CDS Table Functions)
Program Flow LogicDeals with control structures (IF, CASE), loops (DO, WHILE) and exception handling
ABAP Unit TestsContains basic information about unit testing in ABAP
CDS View EntitiesNote that cheat sheet content is available in this blog. The repository contains examples.
SAP LUWProvides a high-level overview of the SAP LUW concept with a focus on SAP LUW-related statements.
Note: Several statements covered in the cheat sheet and the executable example are only relevant to classic ABAP.
DynproProvides a high-level overview of dynpro topics with a focus on dynpro-related statements.
Note: The content of this cheat sheet is only relevant to classic ABAP. 
Selection Screens and Classic ListsProvides a high-level overview of selection screens and classic lists with a focus on related statements. It includes an excursion into the SAP List Viewer (ALV).
Note: The content of this cheat sheet is only relevant to classic ABAP.
Working with XML and JSON in ABAPCovers processing XML using class libraries, XML transformations, serializations (ABAP to XML) and deserializations (XML to ABAP), and dealing with JSON data
Misc ABAP ClassesContains a selection of ABAP classes, serving as a quick introduction, along with code snippets to explore the functionality in action

If you spot any errors, please create an issue in the GitHub repository.