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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert



Tools used in developing the application are:


SUP version  : 2.0

BB Simulator :  (MDS


This is a workflow application which illustrates how can we release the Purchase Order (unreleased one) from our mobile device.

i have taken screen shots while developing this application.


create a new project with some new name.

create a new MBO. (PO_MBO)


First of all i want to view all the possible list of unreleased Purchase Order







REL_GROUP as input arguments

and PO_ITEMS as output paramter


click on preview button to pass some test data



select the cache Policy as "online".









as soon as you select the policy as "online", you will see an error message or error icon on your MBO.

this is because you have to MAP your input parameters to the MBO parameters.


for that, i am inserting 3 more attributes to the existing MBO... ( i am deleting unwanted attributes from my MBO)


here, i added 3 attributes : rel_grp1, item_for_rel1, rel_code1 (there are total 7 attributes including 3 input attributes)




right click on MBO... and go to attributes> load parameters


here i am doing mapping...



next task, deploy the MBO to your server.


then, create a workflow editor. (PO_test)


drag and drop the MBO from left hand side.


go to start screen,



add 3 EDITBOX to the start screeen.


create the KEY simultaneously for each field... ( here i am passing the fixed "default" value for each one)




create a menu to the start screen. (Get Details)


and set the following properties as below:



go to "Paramter Mappings" the following




go to the PO_MBO screen


select PO Number and item no in the List View (u can select anyone of your own choice)


MAP the ListView Details Screen as PO_MBODetail




then, generate the workflow package.


you must be see the ouput on your device like below:



in the 3rd screen, we are seeing a list of unreleased purchase order, our main aim is to release them (one by one)


for this we have to create a new operation to the MBO.


create a new operation : ReleaseWF

operation Type: update




set the parameters as below



then create two Personalization Keys for each input attributes



then , we have to map these Personalization keys with input attributes of the operation

so, right click on the ReleaseWF operation



then deploy the modified MBO to the unwired server.


go to PO_MBOdetail screen,


create a menu "Release PO"   and set the following properties:



(here i have created a "Success Message" screen to see the message after Release the PO)


go to the Parameter Mapping tab





at "Success Messge " screen , i have added a HTMLView



once again, generate the workflow package. you will see the flow of application like this:





(here my cursor is pointing to 4500000047 PO number > which i want to release)



now, i want to check the status of the released PO.

if it has been released, it must not show in the list of POs.



there is no 4500000047 PO in the latest list.

it means this particular PO has been released.