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Electronic documents are demanded by more and more countries across the globe and digitalizing these documents are becoming a vital business process for enterprises. In the past years, SAP has offered eDocument Cockpit on SAP GUI. This award-winning app has helped thousands of customers succeed by providing proper compliance solution.

For more information about the architecture design of SAP Document and Reporting Compliance solution: Overview of SAP Document Compliance (fka eDocument) solution | SAP Blogs

In recent years, SAP has launched a Fiori version of eDocument Cockpit solution with brand new user-friendly UI design and better illustrated functionalities while keeping all the important pieces of eDocument solution. This article will serve as a simple walkthrough tour to Manage Electronic Documents.

The main console page of Manage Electronic Documents app (referred to app in below) contains two basic components: Status Overview for all Electronic Documents and View of Documents for One Country/Region Process. On the top left corner, app user can search for documents using provided filter option. The system overview bar can also show the overall status of documents for each country/region process.

Manage Electronic Documents App Console Page

On the right panel, app offers two different views to be chosen from. User can display documents in table view or in chart view.

Table View of Documents

Chart View of Documents

User can select one or more documents and perform different actions on the top right corner, such as “Submit”, “Display/Preview XML’ etc. By selecting a document and clicking the right arrow, user can view more detailed information about this document.

Taking Actions for Document

From here, user can have a clear idea about the entire document process flow. By clicking logs, all messages regarding this document will be displayed. If the document is faulty and contains errors, user can click “Go to Error Analysis” to see SAP recommended actions for error solving. You can also see full explanation on "Go to Error Analysis" feature in: Error Analysis in Manage Electronic Documents | SAP Blogs

Document Detail Page/Document Flow

Document Logs/Go to Error Analysis

If you are interested in seeing detailed comparison between eDocument Cockpit and Manage Electronic Documents, please refer to this article: From eDocument Cockpit to Manage Electronic Documents: Better user experience, more powerful feature...

If you'd like explore about SAP's DRC product, please refer to this page for more other details: Document and Reporting Compliance | SAP

Please feel free to leave your comments or questions and follow SAP DRC Community. Hope you find this article helpful!