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Putting a puzzle together is all fun and games – until that one piece is missing. You look all around the room, under the table, and even between the couch cushions. And after all of that effort, it’s nowhere to be found. You spend time and energy putting a puzzle together that will always be incomplete, and worse, doesn’t allow you to see the whole picture.

Digital transformation at many companies is similar to assembling a puzzle. It’s not uncommon for a business to start at the edge, digitizing customer-facing processes and a few key areas such as the supply chain and production. And while all of the pieces of the digital transformation puzzle are complete all the way out to the edges, there is one piece that’s missing – and it’s always at the center.

Most likely, you will not know anything is missing until a competitor emerges and disrupts your position in the marketplace. Now, you may try to respond by matching that competitor’s capabilities and doing it bigger, better, and faster. But soon, you will realize that you cannot do it at all because every area of your business is not connected to a single digital core.

End-to-end digital transformation: Protecting your business from competitive disruptors

While technology enables digital transformation, it’s really people and their capacity to make real-time, outcome-driven decisions that make it become a reality. You need to radically change the business environment and consistently evolve with customer expectations. This means engaging the workforce, establishing customer relationships in an omnichannel world, and exploring the potential of Big Data and the Internet of Things in every aspect of your business network.

To help businesses realize the digital enterprise and establish SAP S/4HANA software as their digital core, Digital Business Services at SAP is helping companies accelerate the realization of the digital enterprise with game-changing engagements such as smart healthcare, predictive maintenance and warranty, Big Data analytics, and intelligently connected manufacturing. Through a variety of channels, our customers enjoy next-generation service that includes real-time, always-on customer care through chat functions and scheduled expert sessions. Developing such a close relationship built on co-innovation and partnership allows companies to leverage use cases and proactive insights to create a digital transformation plan that encompasses the business as a whole – no missing pieces.

SAPPHIRE NOW: Get your digital transformation on the right track before it’s too late

There is so much to consider when undergoing a digital transformation, and Digital Business Services is ready to help. Visit our booth on the SAPPHIRE NOW show floor and attend any of our hundreds of sessions featuring customers, industry practitioners, and top thought leaders. Check out our exclusive session guide to Digital Business Services at SAPPHIRE NOW to see what we have in store for you.

We hope to see you there!

By Rachel Palekar, Solutions Marketing Specialist – Digital Business Services Marketing, SAP.