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In this series of blog posts, I'd like to introduce the capabilities and related configurations of SAP Landscape Management Cloud. Each blog post will focus on a specific topic and will include a video to explain the scenario and required configuration steps.

You can find a list of all topics covered in our overview post.

In the video embedded in this blog post, I will show the dashboard and how to create and apply patterns as well as snoozing or waking up SAP systems. This enables you to reduce infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) costs for your SAP systems as well as your carbon footprint.


Reduce your carbon footprint and IaaS costs using SAP Landscape Management Cloud

The following video explains in detail:

  • The dashboard of SAP Landscape Management Cloud

  • How to create and apply patterns to start and stop SAP systems and their related virtual machines considering the SAP-specifics when doing so

  • Snooze and wake up SAP systems and their VMs on demand




The dashboard of SAP Landscape Management Cloud provides you a holistic overview of your managed SAP systems and their costs.

To reduce your IaaS spending and reduce your carbon footprint it provides you capabilities like the creation and assignment of uptime patterns and snoozing.

If you would like to get notified about upcoming blog posts as well as further parts of this series, please follow the tag SAP Landscape Management Cloud and / or sebastian.stoschek2  and ensure to activate your #communications.

You will also find each post of this series collected in this link, once each post is published.

In case of questions regarding SAP Landscape Management Cloud you can post them either in our Questions and Answers section or right below this blog post.

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