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You can’t deny that this industry is evolving and changing – almost on a daily basis.   From new apps to new devices and new networks as well as increasingly social networks, we should expect increased competition, as well as increasingly disruptive technologies to permeate the industry.   In the coming days, SAP Mobile Services will be offering a new guide for the modern service provider -- one that will outline the opportunities and detail many solutions that exist in this exciting and diverse market.  

We’ll detail a number of ways to maximize revenue opportunities through strategies such as SMS and a more hubbing centric interworking model.  We can show how to leverage number portability and how service bundling has helped operators reduce costs and increase efficiency through an IPX.  Several mobile operators have shared their experiences with a variety of services offered through IPX and provide insightful details regarding IPX benefits.  OTT service providers are also part of our mix and we’ll show how the all-IP world reinforces the need for deeper mobile operator and OTT player understanding, if not collaboration.

We will show how LTE is another driving technology that is beginning to truly transform the mobile operator industry into an all-IP model.  Whether managing roaming subscribers, new VoLTE services, new rich-media services such as RCS, the IPX infrastructure will be front and center to provide interworking and connectivity for this bold new all-IP word.

Our upcoming guide will detail how mobile engagement and mobile commerce are becoming synonymous with one another in that service providers are looking increasingly to loyalty programs via the mobile channel that can include services such as remittances.  With mobile commerce, there are a number of operator-centric solutions that should be examined that can leverage an operator’s existing infrastructure such as authentication or provisioning protocols that could have relevance to the payments world. 

This is a new world for mobile operators and our upcoming guide will call on an “expert stable of authors” to delve in to the many of the most important issues that affect operator services including:

  • Operator strategies for driving and optimizing messaging revenue
  • Roaming and interconnect issues, including the interplay of LTE in an IPX environment
  • OTT Messaging, voice and video services, including managing the challenges confronting operators in a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) world
  • Mobile commerce and the myriad of opportunities for operators
  • Customer engagement, including a roadmap for building loyalty by empowering customers.

Look for it soon.  We are quite excited about its 240+ pages of expert commentary.

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