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Dr. Paul Terry currently works as the President and CEO of his sixth startup, PHEMI Health Systems. It is estimated that 3 out of 4 startups fail, yet Dr. Terry has a track record of 5 out of 5 extremely successful startups; with such a track record and a product meeting a clear need, it looks like Dr Terry will be just as successful with PHEMI.

A few years ago, Dr. Terry decided to come out of retirement and start PHEMI because he saw that over 300 people died at his local hospital system due to bad data or lack of data. He saw that doctors sometimes gave patients a medicine they were allergic to, or that they did not have enough of a patient’s records to make an informed decision about their patient. This care gap – a gap between what has been shown to be effective and what the patient receives—is exactly the problem Dr. Terry set out to solve with PHEMI.

The care gap happens because hospitals have the problem of data silos: many databases that are not aggregated and do not speak to one another. PHEMI takes all of these data silos and patient data and integrates the data to produce suggestions and encourage evidence based clinical decisions. As part of the HANA startup program, PHEMI uses SAP HANA to analyze data across the healthcare spectrum.

With PHEMI and SAP HANA, Dr. Paul Terry and his team are able to help hospitals aggregate data so they turn it into actionable insights for better patient outcomes.

Check out and watch this interview with Dr. Paul Terry to learn more: