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A GROWING Opportunity 

GROW with SAP is the very first offer of its kind to the midmarket segment of business in EMEA South.

It includes S/4HANA Public Cloud, the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP), access to learning tools and best practices, and a community of SAP experts that both partners and customers can collaborate with.

“The midmarket segment is key for net new business and therefore key for our partners,” says Karl Fahrbach, Chief Partner Officer at SAP. “Our partners are playing a really important role not just in selling public cloud to customers in that space but also in driving adoption and in delivering real outcomes for customers. GROW focuses on the core, allowing our partners to develop add-ons on the Business Technology Platform and deliver repeat business.”

Pablo Signorelli, Senior VP, Midmarket & Partners, says GROW has been developed in direct response to demands from small to medium-sized businesses for an affordable solution.

“GROW with SAP will help us to penetrate deeper into the midmarket space,” he explains. “It’s fast and simple to implement, will deliver a quick return on investment, and has been designed to grow with the customer’s business.”

Evert-Jan Tromp, VP of Cloud & Innovation Sales Midmarket & Channels, says the offer leverages SAP’s fifty-plus years of experience across industries, helping customers to make quick and smooth implementations to new ERP systems.

“Feedback from customers suggests SAP is only for very large, complex, companies when, in fact, eighty percent of our customers are in the small and medium enterprise space,” he says. “In the past, we provided a series of offerings across a range of different lines of business but, for our core, there was always that challenge. GROW is there for ERP and has been launched with a couple of things in mind, specifically to help partners to leverage the overall SAP strategy around S/4 Public and to use BTP to deliver a quick return on investment for customers so they can compete in today’s challenging world.”

Evert-Jan says SAP can’t deliver in the midmarket without its partners; the market is simply changing too quickly and the ongoing changes and advances in tech make partners critical.

“Our partners tend to ask the question: ‘Why should we embrace this new initiative, why should we drive GROW with SAP?’. In this case, the answer couldn’t be simpler: our joint growth is in the midmarket, and it will be driven by net new customers. Partners are key to helping these customers to combine GROW and its best practices with partners’ own knowledge, expertise, and IP.”


SAP is turning to partners to define the GROW proposition, tailoring it to each customer depending on their individual needs and requirements. Vice President, of Midmarket Digital Sales for EMEA South, Esperanza Valbuena, says that through GROW, partners have an opportunity to ‘expand their market share’ with SAP.

“With GROW, we have increased the addressable market that we’re going after,” she adds. “But it’s only by working with our partners that we can reach it.”

She says that, together, partners and SAP need to ‘augment coverage in the market’, ‘drive differentiated value’, and ‘win new customers’ with GROW.

Although it’s early days, so far, feedback from partners on GROW has been extremely positive because they have a solution that helps them to directly address a specific market opportunity.

“Partners were asking for a solution for this piece of the market,” explains Esperanza. “And, while GROW is positive, it brings with it the challenge of trying to go after more customers in a more effective way than ever before. I’m looking to our partners to bring intellectual property to the table, to have differentiation, and they’re starting to think about where, what, and how they can deliver their IP.”

The Business Technology Platform is, therefore, ‘absolutely relevant’ in making partners a ‘game changer’ when they go after a new market opportunity.

With GROW, “we have the opportunity to bring the value we have delivered for very big companies into the hands of mid-sized companies,” she says.

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