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iPhone App Makes Unique, Affordable Gift-giving Easy

Shoppers already dispirited by the crowds and commodities at the mall this holiday season can take heart—there’s a better way. JustBecause is a new Facebook iPhone app that turns gift-giving on its head, focusing on the product not the recipient or the occasion. With a slogan that says “Send friends gifts that cost $1 but are worth way more,” JustBecause cherry picks an array of small gifts from not your average companies that offer unique products and services.

This is how JustBecause founder Matthew Hartman recently described the purpose of the app in Mashable Business:

“I think the key difference here is that we start with the gift, not with the friend. Instead of saying ‘It’s so-and-so’s birthday, you should send them a gift,’ we flip it around and say ‘Here’s an awesome new product or service, who do you think would really like it?’ ”

JustBecause gifts range from $10 to $100 in worth but only cost the gift-giver $1. Users are limited to giving five gifts per month in part, because there’s a finite number of each one. Choices encompass gift certificates, subscriptions, memberships, and actual products. Here are five examples of the treasures to be had:

  • Inveterate party-goers who need the latest look from celebrity designers might like a $50 gift certificate towards a dress rental from Rent the Runway
  • High and low steppers would be delighted with a $15 credit for a pair of super original yet extremely comfortable shoes designed by hand-picked artists from BucketFeet.
  • Gym rats in need of a nudge would surely dig into the Casual Gym-Goers/Meathead gift basket, chock-full of goodies like Ammo Energy shots and Monster Pump formula.
  • Chicagoan women on the town, (JustBecause is based in Chicago), will appreciate a one-month membership to Cheeky Chicago, giving them exclusive offers, city-wide perks and VIP status to all manner of exciting Windy City events.
  • Clothes horses will be thrilled with the choices at Betabrand, an online-only clothing company based in San Francisco that designs, manufactures, and releases new “inventions” every week. Bestsellers include the disco hoodie and Sons of Britches casual slacks line. Your choice: a Betabrand Rocket T-Shirt or $20 credit.

Since its launch in September, JustBecause has focused solely on creating a great user experience and they’re succeeding. Giving couldn’t be easier. If something catches your fancy, just tap the screen and your Facebook friends are automatically listed. All you need to do is tap the name of the lucky recipient. The app sends a notice to them and your friend makes arrangements to receive the goods. Happy holidays!