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With the abundance of cloud database options in the market, SAP HANA Cloud stands far above the rest. In a world that requires organizations to stitch together narrowly defined products, SAP HANA Cloud provides a single solution that provides all the necessary tools to thrive in today’s ever-changing digital economy, where data is the new superpower.

Here are six reasons why you should consider SAP HANA Cloud as your enterprise’s next database solution.


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1) Simplify Your Transition to the Cloud

SAP HANA Cloud’s hybrid deployment support provides a seamless experience between your on-premises systems and cloud services. By extending your on-premises investments to the cloud, you can leverage existing investments and focus on the high-value strategic work that matters the most. SAP HANA Cloud is designed to simplify, modernize, and future-proof your data landscape so that your organization can begin its cloud journey while unlocking valuable additional IT resources. Best of all, SAP HANA Cloud is fully-managed by SAP as a database service.


2) Improve Data Management with a Single Access Layer

Having strong, real-time connectivity between data from different on-premises or cloud sources is critical for many companies who want to make quick and accurate data-driven business decisions. SAP HANA Cloud works as the single access layer to simplify your data management processes.

Want to access data in real-time, regardless of the data’s source? SAP HANA Cloud’s powerful data virtualization capabilities enable you to manage and derive value from your entire data landscape without having to pay for duplicate data storage and expensive data synchronization services.

With SAP HANA Cloud, it's about connecting, not collecting data.


3) Petabyte Storage with Built-in Data Lake

Many companies struggle to store and manage the large amounts of data that are coming from multiple sources, which can make real-time access a significant investment.  That’s why SAP HANA Cloud comes with an integrated, petabyte-scale, queryable data lake that allows even rarely used, cold storage data to be easily accessed. Together with it’s in-memory capability and the Native Storage Extension (NSE),  SAP HANA Cloud enables an end-to-end storage landscape that provides multi-temperature data tiering with a lower overall TCO.


4) True Flexibility with Multi-Cloud Solution

We understand the value and importance our customers place on the flexibility in how they deploy their mission-critical solutions. As a result, avoiding vendor lock-in is a minimum threshold for most agile organizations. That's why SAP HANA Cloud employs a multi-cloud strategy, providing you the flexibility to choose between multiple cloud providers.  Whether Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, AliCloud, or others to follow,  SAP HANA Cloud supports whichever option suits your business needs best.


5) Multi-Model Processing

SAP HANA Cloud leverages integrated multi-model processing technology to further simplify your enterprise data management. As a single, integrated set of solutions, the product enables you to combine various data models such as document, spatial, graph, text, and streaming. Furthermore, integrated multi-model processing also comes with the benefits of transactional and analytical processing capability – which ultimately reduces costs, improves support for real-time analytics, and helps meet the demand for large scalability.


6) Enable Real Time Innovation

To stay relevant and maintain a competitive position, modern companies are forced to drive innovation at an ever-increasing rate. In order to do so, they must have the ability to store extreme amounts of readily accessible, high-quality data. Heterogeneous data landscapes – governed and ungoverned, SAP and non-SAP, on-premises and cloud – make this one of the primary challenges most data-driven enterprises face today. Access to real-time data, let alone timely business decisions based on insightful analyses, becomes very difficult as a result.

Whether building a custom application to take advantage of advanced ML and AI, or running ad hoc analyses using multiple data sources, features such as in-memory and multi-model processing, robust connectivity and virtualization, and a queryable, petabyte-scale data lake, enable organizations to innovate at speed.


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Whether you're brand new to the cloud or have already started migrating your enterprise, SAP HANA Cloud meets you where you are in that journey. You can deploy as a stand-alone or hybrid, and it’s flexible nature make it a perfectly suited data management solution that benefits enterprises of all sizes and backgrounds. SAP HANA Cloud is clearly more than just another DBaaS – it combines the power and performance of SAP HANA, with the flexibility, scale and innovation required to propel the modern data-driven enterprise.