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With the release of the new website ( since last year, the PDF roadmaps are discontinued and the customers and partners can now customize their digital roadmap by filtering products, industries or processes in roadmap explorer. Our product owners use roadmap explorer to outline future product functionalities and when new features will be released.  If you are ready to explore your very own roadmap, I am going to give you some helpful tips while using the tool.

Tip #1: Please choose the product/process/industry that you are interested in from the top drop-down lists

As you can see, there are 4 subsets under Business Technology Platform.

If you intend to understand which SAP solutions are covered in which subset, please visit our website or refer to the diagram below.



Tip #2: Please choose the suggested keywords from the search bar and do not use the free text search

For instance, you can type SAP product names such as SAP Integration Suite or SAP Extension Suite in the search bar and wait until the keywords pop up.


You might notice that the users can search by business area or capability as well. The definitions are provided in the following: Business area conveys an outside-in perspective and may by flavored by industries. Business capability is a unique business function and can be realized with SAP Solution.

Tip #3: Save your own personalized roadmap


Depending on your needs, you can always adjust your preferences by saving different product roadmaps or any set of filters you like. Those personalized roadmaps will be found under “Saved Roadmaps”.


Tip #4: Utilize the star button to build your own innovation sets

While a roadmap for executives can span a wide variety of topics, you can add multiple innovations that be aligned with your business goals to your innovation sets by clicking the star.

And you will be finding the starred innovations in your “Favorites” under Innovation Sets.



There are two actions you can take from Saved Road Maps and Innovation Sets.

Share: the URL link will be generated so that you can share content with another user

Download: you can download a list of innovations to a spreadsheet for offline filtering, sorting and adding your own information to it – for further planning, discussion etc


Tip #5: Find the service-specific roadmaps in Discovery Center

In order to grant our customers & partners the transparency on the latest innovations, we introduced the roadmap functionality in the service catalog of discovery center. You can find further details of the new feature of the service catalog in the blog from Holger Neuert. Although not each service has its roadmap function implemented, we aim for integrating more into the service catalog.


Last but not least, if you would like to provide feedback to the roadmap website (, content shown, or additional features, please hit on “get in touch” button on the top for any support that you might need.

We are continuously consolidating the product roadmaps for SAP Business Technology Platform, please make sure to check out the following links:

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