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How we use data says a lot about us. This week’s top 5 blog posts on SAP Business Trends examine what we can accomplish when we use data to grow food more resourcefully, improve how others feel, and -- above all -- to act with integrity.

A wireless irrigation network could help farmers reduce water consumption by 30 percent in California’s drought-stricken Pajaro Valley.

Can the Internet of Things Mitigate California’s Historic Drought?

Some of the most productive U.S. farmlands are largely dependent on groundwater for irrigation, but unprecedented drought has dried up water sources and driven up prices. thomas.odenwald shows how real-time data is helping farmers improve efficiency and yield, while reducing expenses.

New Balls Please -- Wimbledon Is Here

The tennis balls zipping around Wimbledon’s clay courts have already traveled more than 50,000 miles. richard.howells connects the dots of a massive supply chain that spans the globe, all to assemble those little felt balls at the world’s oldest organized tennis tournament.

Banks Must Act Now to Defeat Non-Bank Competitors

Banks are receiving low customer service ratings, and their middle- and back-offices are underfunded; yet customer expectations are on the rise. ross.wainwright explores a new approach that enables banks to solve their problems by embracing digitization.

Show Me the Love – The Psychology of Great Customer Service

If you give your customers great service, more than half of them will experience the same cerebral reactions as when they feel loved. john.ward3 shares why superb customer service is as much about meaningful interaction with people as it is about solving their problems.

Do Your Big Data Decisions Reflect Your Company Values?

What organizations do with gigantic datasets (e.g., selling information, improving product recommendations or forecasting future illnesses) can tell you a lot about their values. markpetersjr evaluates big data morality -- and why firms should consider the ethics of their analyses.

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