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Much of humanity is just trying to get on the same page. This week’s top 5 blog posts on SAP Business Trends examine how five generations can get along in the same office; whether we can agree on what data to share and how to use it; if computer science can ever master the art of design; and more.

Integrating five generations into the workforce may not be nearly so difficult as previously imagined, according to an Oxford Economics study.

The Simple Truth: Millennials Are Not That Different!

Conventional wisdom seems to have overestimated how the global workplace should prepare to host five generations in the same office. brigette.mcinnis-day brushes up on an Oxford Economics study that debunks the myth of Gen Y workers as vocational prima donnas.

Exploring the Neglected Morality of IoT

Security breaches can turn connected devices from helpful aids into instruments of danger. derek.klobucher evaluates whether or not we should fulfill the promise of Internet of Things (IoT), sharing and collecting all of the data we can -- just because we can.

Passion-Driven Success

Former Wall Street executive and business news anchor -- and current CEO of a youth-empowerment non-profit -- Alexis Glick is no stranger to career transitions. ashley.cummings drills down to how Glick remains focused through it all: staying true to her passions.

Digital Technology is a Game Changer for Education Worldwide

Digital technology is transforming education today as much as the printing press did many centuries ago. john.ward3 takes us to school on digital’s potential to enhance the technological competency of underserved children around the globe.

Is a Good User Experience a Science or an Art?

Users may be the most important element of a successful software solution, yet developers, designers and testers often neglect them. antony.johnson muses about whether or not we might creatively turn the art of design into a set of computer science rules.

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