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Building a business and building a relationship have more in common than you think. We at SAP know what it takes to build long-lasting relationships with our customers, partners, stakeholders, and employees.

So this Valentine's Day, we share the core values of our products and solutions and how they can help your relationships and businesses run better.

1. Turning insight into action

Actions speak louder than words. Pay attention to them, make sense of them and then act accordingly. Getting to know your partner on a deeper level will help you find out what you need to do to strengthen your relationship.

In the same way, businesses use SAP solutions for analytics to help discover deep insights and critical information to accelerate growth and take their business to the next level.

Check out our analytics products.


2. Listen, understand and act

When it comes to solving problems, you have to do what makes you both happy – fast! Listening and understanding how you both feel will help you identify one single solution. By being adaptive and agile, you are able to resolve conflicts more easily, building trust in your relationship.

An in-memory database management system like SAP HANA allows businesses to access real-time data quickly and gain a single view of the truth across the organization. This way, businesses are able to make trusted decisions faster and improve business outcomes.

Learn more about SAP HANA.

3. Supporting people in moments that matter

Be tuned in to your partners changing needs and requirements. Find new and innovative ways to keep you both engaged and secure in your relationship. Being supportive and having that same support from your partner will help take your relationship to new depths.

SAP Cloud Platform enables businesses to deliver engaging digital experiences and simplify
data-driven innovation by meeting needs quickly and economically. Connecting experience data to operational workflows helps optimize business process and accelerate outcomes.

Check out Cloud Platform in action.


4. Learn to act with intelligence by predicting outcomes

Take steps to avoid conflict and strengthen your relationship based on learnings from past experiences. Communicate with your partner to truly understand each other and find innovative ways to enhance your relationship.

Businesses use SAP Intelligent Technologies like AI, IoT and Blockchain to help optimize processes and resources. This allows them to collaborate with their partners on an open platform and spark innovation in any area of their business.

Learn more about SAP Intelligent Technologies.


5. Deliver on your promises

Understand your partners' expectations. Then find activities and experiences that will build loyalty and growth in your relationship. Take steps to follow through on your goals and secure your future together.

The Intelligent Enterprise strategy connects experiences and operations in a continuous cycle of improvement. They collect insights, use powerful technologies to sense opportunities and trends to turn this intelligence into meaningful action across every part of the business.


We know that relationships are important,
but we know that they take a lot of work.

With SAP technology, you can improve your business relationship with your customers, partners and stakeholders by delivering value across your business, unlocking new sources of growth and closing the experience gap to lead in your industry.

Learn more about SAP’s Business Technology Platform, a portfolio of integrated solutions that accelerate transformation of data into business value. It includes database and data management, application development, integration and analytics as well as intelligent technologies from
on-premise to the cloud.