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This is a part of the implementation details of How To... Implement End-to-End Push Notifications with HCPms and SAP Gateway.

Implementation Plan

Deploy and configure HANA Cloud Connector so that HCPms can talk to SAP Gateway Hub system over the firewall.

Steps to Implement

- Install HANA Cloud Connector

Have a read through the official HANA Cloud Connector documentation: SAP HANA Cloud Platform

and do the installation step.

- Configure the cloud connector for SAP Gateway

Click on the "Access Control" on the left side and press "Add..." for Mapping Virtual To Internal System. Select SAP Gateway pulldown.

In the Add System Mapping popup, enter your SAP Gateway Hub system host name and its HTTP port.

In the Add System Mapping - this one you can enter whatever host name and port# value.  For this example the port # is 443+Gateway Instance#.

Once you created the entry, click on "Add..." button of Resource Accessible On <hostname>:<port>.

Enter the value "/sap/opu/odata" for URL Path field. And choose "Path and all sub-paths".

Once you save it - you should be able to confirm the status gets green.

Now your OData client should be able to fetch the OData via HANA Cloud Connector from outside the firewall!

- Update the Backend URL in HCPms

Let's ensure if this roundtrip is really working fine.

Now you can use the new OData Endpoint URL for your app config in HCPms Cockpit.

Note - following steps requires RMTSAMPLEFLIGHT OData services (a part of the SAP Gateway installation) that should be already installed & activated.

Maintain your current application config on HCPms (remember you entered the dummy value for the Backend URL during the steps in #2?) Here you enter the new Backend URL. This example shows the host & port value, which was defined in the HANA Cloud Connector. The FLIGHT OData service document path is "/sap/opu/odata/iwfnd/RMTSAMPLEFLIGHT/" - for my demo system, the FLIGHT OData service on the SAP Gateway Hub system requires Basic Authentication, so the correct values are entered for Authentication Type, User Name, and Password too.

Time to test the new setting. Set those parameters for the REST client:

Method - GET

URL - https://<hcmps server>/<your app id>

Headers - X-SMP-APPCID = <your app connection id on HCPms> (May not required, depends on your HCPms account role setting)

The URL maps to the Service Document of the Gateway service.

Perhaps the browser will request for the basic authentication for HCPms credential. Your request & response should look like this - with the 200 OK in the response header. You should confirm the OData service document payload in the Response Body too.

Congratulations, now the roundtrip via the HANA Cloud Connector is successfully done.

What's next? Let's configure the SAP Gateway Hub.

#6 How To... Implement End-to-End Push Notifications with HCPms and SAP Gateway