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In today’s dynamic ever changing business environment where barriers to entry for incumbents are lower than ever before, organizations now more than ever require prudent use of technologies to innovate and succeed. Innovation is based on transforming an idea into action. To ignite that real-world creativity, we need that spark to set innovation in motion.

The SAP Platform and technology solutions are enabling ground-breaking innovations. Do you want to learn how customers and partners are finding new and creative ways to transform their business with SAP technologies to develop innovative solutions for their customers?

Let's look at 4 of our customers and partners that showcase this momentum and will hopefully inspire you to find opportunities to innovate within your business.

Streamlining Project Management in Construction Industry

Sablono,  a construction software startup that develops and distributes software solutions for digital planning and controlling of building projects, is streamlining their project management.

Anyone who has embarked on a building renovation – no matter how small or large knows first-hand how delays can impact downstream activities such as plumbing, electrician, and painting staff from subcontractors which can result in spiraling costs and frustration.

Now imagine a project like Louvre Abu Dhabi, the first landmark project with over 100,000 square feet of gallery space.  In such a complex environment, general and sub-contractors are tightly engaged in a multidimensional network. Tremendous time is spent on project management/status updates. For enterprises with 100 projects happening in parallel, assuming 15 man-days per project it can take up to 1,500 man-days per month to receive an overview of their portfolio’s project status.

Sablono enable their customers get a unified project management solution to understand their projects’ status much faster. For Louvre Abi Dhabi, the time to collect data to insight was reduced from 7 days down to just 1 day all while increasing the level of detail by a factor of 50!

Innovating for the Healthcare Industry

Aesculap, a medical device manufacturer, strives to improve safety and quality in each surgery worldwide and to simplify processes in hospitals. The company is using the SAP Cloud Platform to create a digital service platform to develop mobile apps accessible to physicians, hospitals, medical retailers, and Aesculap employees. These mobile applications are enabling users to track every instrument and its usage, process tasks with ease, and access near-real-time data analysis.


After deploying the SAP Cloud Platform and SAP Analytics Cloud solution, Aesculap developed a digital service platform for over 10,000 connected hospitals to track 15 million medical instruments. For example, users can now scan medical instruments by bar code, retrieve product information, or initiate reorders and repair orders---all via the mobile app and using the power of the cloud.

Delivering Cloud-Connected Cars

The automotive industry is rapidly changing with the advent of connected cars and self-driving technology. However, startup Karma Automotive realized the challenge of finding one integrated technology that could help establish a solid business operation from inception through production, through retail, all the way to customer care.


Using the SAP HANA platform, Karma Automotive’s vision is to deliver a cloud-connected car, where everyone involved has the data they needed to build, inspect, track, ship, sell and buy the car. By deploying one data cloud platform for the entire business, Karma Automotive is achieving "one version of the truth" for well-informed decision making based on shared real-time data for all stages. The California-based startup brought collaboration and innovation to an industry where disparate technologies create obstacles. With SAP Cloud Platform, Karma Automotive provides real-time data from the factory, to the retailer, and to the customer.

Empowering Refugees with Technology

Innovation is also about addressing challenges in society and improving lives especially the Sixty-five million people that were displaced from their homes by conflict and disaster in 2016 alone. Deloitte Consulting B.V., collaborating with Oxford's Refugee Studies Centre, developed a cross-border program FuturesHUB to address the refugee crisis in Europe.


Deloitte’s FuturesHUB is using the SAP Cloud Platform to provide a data-driven approach to situation analysis, creating a matching solution between refugees' potential and opportunities. The innovative program aims to provide a holistic approach to address the knowledge gaps about the economic lives, skills, and talents of refugees that doesn't exist today. This data-driven approach is connecting 50-70K refugees with all parties, including nongovernmental organizations, academic institutes, and corporations.

The connections the FuturesHUB platform is enabling refugees to connect with corporations, NGOs and coaches to achieve a quicker integration within the local society, thereby impacting the lives of a diverse group of individuals.

Get inspired!

Innovation in action is about working together to build new ways to solve problems for customers, partners and the industry. And it's not just limited to business as many of these innovative SAP customers are working to better the world.

These SAP customers and partner stories are all stellar examples of innovation in motion; in fact, all of them are winners of this year's SAP HANA Innovation Award. The SAP HANA Innovation Award provides a platform for our most forward-thinking customer and partner to share their successes and allows SAP to share these amazing accomplishments with a wider audience.There were over 150 ground-breaking examples of innovations submitted in 2017  Stay tuned for our continuing coverage in upcoming blogs.


Download the full and free SAP HANA Innovation Award 2017 eBook for more insights on selected entries and winners.

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I hope that you will be inspired to innovate and move your business, partners and industry forward. Join the conversation on twitter #InnovationStory