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Congrats! You’re already well versed in social listening, so let’s do a happy dance :smile: 

So, what’s next? Here are three simple tasks:

1. Share your story

Content marketing is the next generation marketing tool;
instead of looking for customers, the customers would come to you to know how you can help them.

Social listening helps because you’d know the customers’ concerns, needs and complaints, so you
can design your contents to cater to what the customers want to hear. Even
better, transform your contents into videos, infographics or SlideShares for
easier consumption. You can start by sharing your Social Listening success
story or a customer success story.

2. Share any story

“Sharing will enrich everyone with more knowledge” – Ana Monnar

Power is gained by sharing knowledge, not hoarding it. Make
an effort to share at least one post per day on all your social profiles. A big
chunk of it should be shared with your customers in mind but you can also slip
in some silly ones to entertain your audience. A great resource for assets to
share is the contents created or shared by your colleagues or peers in the same
line of work. Other than that, you can go to Mashable or Digg which are
socially driven content-sharing platforms.

3. Create a persona

Want to have a better understanding of your customers? Create
a Facebook or LinkedIn profile representative of your average customers. Once
you personify your average customer, it’d easier to relate to them and comprehend
their needs and interests. Share this persona with your colleagues so they can add-on/adjust the characteristics of the persona. Remember, people change, so these personas can change too; make an effort to update your persona at least once a year. Once you’re done, share your personas to relevant parties. Click here for a beginner’s guide to creating a persona.

Now you’re all prepped and ready to be the Social Listening advocate that you were born to be.

Now off you go and spread your knowledge :wink:


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