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We constantly look for improving and simplifying the user experience for our customer. In today’s world, making the customers’ business processes available in the multiple devices is one of the essential offering.

Creating services to make the data from BOPF BO’s in devices needs lot of coding and deeper understanding of the BOPF framework. What if there was a way where we can simplify the creation of services to just 3 steps. That’s exactly what I am going to explain in the following blog.

Gateway BOPF Integration (GBI)

GBI (Gateway BOPF Integration) is integration between SAP NetWeaver Gateway and Business Object Processing Framework (BOPF). This is based on REpresentational State Transfer (REST) and OData standards. GBI exposes data and metadata for a relevant service.

SAP NetWeaver Gateway enables you to create and maintain data for consumption by the web (HTML5) and mobile devices (iPhone and Blackberry). The Gateway Service Builder tool allows you to:

  • Automatically generate content without having to write any code by using the content generator with Business Object Repository or Remote Function Calls (RFC) as your data source
  • Redefine an existing model.

SAP NetWeaver Gateway supports multiple SAP backend systems as providers for OData content. BOPF (Business Object Processing Framework) is a model-based framework. The main focus is on the control of business logic.


To use GBI, you must have the software component SAP_BS_FND 7.47

GBI provides the following features:

  • Helps in metadata generation for a particular BO.
  • Performs CRUD (Create, Read, Update, and Delete) operations on a particular node or entity set.
  • Executes a business object action on a particular node.
  • Handles the persisting of data.

How to Create a service from Gateway Service Builder using GBI

You use this service to consume business objects in Business Object Processing Framework (BOPF) by using the Gateway BOPF Integration (GBI).


Proceed as follows to create the service:

  1. In an SAP development system, enter the transaction SEGW.
  2. Choose Create Project. The Create Project dialog box appears.
  3. Enter the name of the project.
  4. Enter the description.
  5. Enter the package name.
  6. Choose Save.
  7. Right-click the new project and Choose Change.
  8. Right-click the Data Model node under the project.
  9. Choose Redefine BOPF Service. The three-step wizard appears.

First Step

      • Enter the business object or the FBI view.
      • Enter the default query.

Entering the query is mandatory for business objects. If no query is specified, SELECT_ALL is the default.

Second Step

      • Under Transport Attributes enter the package and transport request number.
      • Under Gateway Service Attributes the model provider class and data provider class are displayed. These are the GBI generic classes.
      • Under Service Registration enter following details:
        • The model name, version, and description.
        • The service name, version, and description.

Third Step

      • Displays the metadata for the business object or the FBI view. You can select the entities and associations you want to generate.
      • Choose Finish.

  10. Choose Save.

Don’t forget to Share your feedback after using Gateway BOPF Integration (GBI).