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People use multiple applications to do their work. You probably use more than you think. On any given day, you probably use a chat application, an application to take screen shots, some sort of text processing application to take some notes, and so on. These applications are often not connected to one another either or the business context in which you work. Hopping from app to app takes time away from other tasks you could do.

And this is where SAP CoPilot comes in. Knowing your business context, it helps you to work seamlessly across applications without leaving the app you’re currently working in.

Collect information

Based on 1806 release of SAP CoPilot, the smartness of SAP CoPilot helps you to capture information.

You can use SAP CoPilot to collect information that is relevant to your work, such as notes, images, screen shots, objects, and so on, all from your current business context. You save this information in a solo chat, which is only visible to you unless you invite other participants.

SAP CoPilot leverages the Enterprise Search functionality to identify entities in your notes, such as objects, proper names, URLs, or numbers. It creates hyperlinks and lets you add objects related to the highlighted entity. Since SAP CoPilot knows in which app you’re currently working, it also allows you to add objects based on entities appearing on your screen.

In addition to collecting information such as business objects, you can use SAP CoPilot to take immediate action. Just use one of the predefined forms to quickly create business objects, such as a procurement-related activity or a payment advice. No need to leave your current app to find the right app and get your task done. SAP CoPilot assists you by prefilling relevant information based on objects that appear on your current screen or were added previously to the chat.

When you return to the information collected in your chat at a later point in time, you probably don’t remember from which application you took a screen shot or in which app a specific object was created. But SAP CoPilot does! Use the Go to Linked Screen feature to navigate from chats, added objects, or screen shots to the original screen in the application where they were created. You can use the screen shot editor to highlight or hide areas on the screenshot or add comments to it before you add it to the chat.

Collaborate with others

You can use SAP CoPilot to collaborate with other colleagues. Chat with your colleagues and easily share your business context with them.

Just invite your colleagues to a chat to make it collaborative. Invited participants will receive a notification in the notification area of the SAP Fiori launchpad from where they can navigate to the chat. They’ll then be able to see the full content of your chat, including added objects and screen shots – provided they are authorized to access this information, of course.

And what is more, they can navigate to the app that is linked to the object. For example, they are just one click away from the app where a screen shot was taken, with the same filter parameters as you used when taking it. In other words, the times are over when you had to enter collaboration rooms or attach screen shots to e-mails and explain to your colleagues which app and which filter values you used.

Concentrate on what’s important

Rather than using multiple applications to get your work done, SAP CoPilot provides many tools in one: collect the info you need, chat with your colleagues, create objects, and so on. Curious to learn about other features SAP CoPilot has to offer? Visit the SAP Help Portal to learn about these and other features.