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This is a part of the implementation details of How To... Implement End-to-End Push Notifications with HCPms and SAP Gateway.

Implementation Plan

Add small code in your app so that the app can add push registration information (or token) to HCPms. Technically it is the code to add your push token to the existing user on-boarding info in HCPms. By using this token, HCPms can relate the application connection id to the platform specific push receiver identifier.

Steps to Implement

- Add the code to register the push identifier to user specific on-boarding info in HCPms

The steps are explained in the following document (the one you followed in the step #1 and #2).

If you're not sure your app is properly implemented and the onboarding info is correctly updated, use the URL in your favorite REST Client (the example is using Firefox REST Client):

Method - GET

URL - https://<HCPms host name (ex. hcpms-[id]>/odata/applications/latest/<application id>/Connections('<application connection id in HCPms>')

Headers - X-SMP-APPCID = <your app connection id on HCPms>

          Content-Type = application/atom+xml; charset=UTF-8

Take a closer look at the XML body. If you find Push Provider specific keys & info, your implementation is correctly done. (the screenshot below is Android example)

What's next? Let's ensure if the push message will reach out to your device from HCPms!

#4 How To... Implement End-to-End Push Notifications with HCPms and SAP Gateway