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More than 80% of businesses believe platforms will be the “glue” that brings organizations together in today’s digital age, according to a report recently issued by Accenture. It’s hardly surprising: the right platform can help automate core processes so companies can focus on new strategies to grow their businesses. Indeed, half of all large enterprises already have plans to create, or partner with, industry platforms to help them do just that.

Platforms can certainly elevate the bottom line of many businesses in a number of ways, but the sky’s the limit when it comes to providing an uber-personalized experience for the end user. Chris Liebig, Product Manager at SAP, shared three examples where the predictive capabilities of the SAP HANA Cloud Platform (HCP) is enabling that super personalized experience for employees during a recent strategy talk at the SAP TechEd event in Barcelona.


  1. Applications can create a “Siri-like experience” for users. Consider what Kore, an SAP partner, has done to simplify employee tasks with bot-technology powered by the SAP HANA Cloud Platform. Employees can leverage simple messaging interface with chatbots to interact with enterprise systems like SAP S/4HANA, SAP CRM in a quick and efficient manner. The best part? Bots complete “redundant” or time-consuming tasks for employees across a number of systems and notify users on tasks the employees deem important.

  2. Businesses can create a better user experience and a new digital workplace for employees. According to Liebig, an improved customer experience is not about giving an existing digital space a makeover - it’s creating a personalized application for the user that truly serves his or her needs. Innovaptive, another SAP partner, considered this when they created a simple application for managers. In a highly customizable and fully integrated platform, managers can access the tasks they are responsible for anytime and from anywhere. If he needs to approve an invoice or approve an employee leave request, he can approve both in the same application. Everything is all in one place.

  3. When machine learning is applied, users get a co-pilot to navigate the course of their workdays. SAP HANA Cloud Platform already has predictive capabilities that can help users easily pivot through a plethora of tasks, but SAP CoPilot uses machine learning to detect patterns and take personalization to a whole new level. If a manager is working on tasks related to floor operations, he likely doesn’t want to access HR processes. He wants to access tasks related to what he is doing at that moment, like getting insights on how machines are working. Using multi-model interactions, the manager can see that a machine needs maintenance, and can text a bot to get connected with an available technician, without having to move into a separate platform, like email or system workflow. “Machine learning [can help users] understand situations,” Liebig said. “And by understanding those situations, [SAP CoPilot] can recognize them, and even know from past behavior from the user what he’s likely to do.”

Over the next three years, Liebig predicts that the app is going to be personal. And while personalization clearly improves business outcomes by removing redundancies and shifting employee focus to more strategic tasks, machine learning can take it to the next level where an application can anticipate what employees need to pay attention to next.

“The real value is where you can get more results,” Liebig said. And giving employees a platform where they can get things done in a simpler way is just the beginning.

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