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The 2021 third quarter release of SAP HANA Cloud introduces many new features for the database administration tools SAP HANA Cloud Central and SAP HANA cockpit, and the complete list is detailed in the What’s New in SAP HANA Cloud section of the SAP Help Portal. This blog entry highlights the key innovations delivered for those tools in that version of SAP HANA Cloud.

A similar blog post is also published for recent innovations in SAP HANA database explorer.

SAP HANA Cloud Central

Redesigned Provisioning Wizard

The provisioning wizard to create new instances of SAP HANA Cloud databases was enhanced to allow the user to enter many more options, such as the type of instance and replicas. To that end, the user interface was changed to take up the full screen and a total estimate dialog was added to inform you of an estimate of the computing units required for the entered configuration.


Copy Instance Configuration

When editing or creating a new SAP HANA Cloud instance, you can now save the entered configuration so that you can re-use it in the future.  You have the option of copying the configuration to the clipboard or download it as a JSON file.


Recovering from Backup

You can now recover the backup of an SAP HANA Cloud instance without the need to open a service request by using the new item “Recreate Instance” from the Actions menu in SAP HANA Cloud Central. Similarly, you can also recover an instance to a selected point in time (provided a backup is available) by using the new item “Start Recovery”, also in the Actions menu.


Replica Management

When editing or creating a new SAP HANA Cloud instance, you can now add replica databases to improve availability or to recover after failure.  Existing replicas can also be removed from the instance.  Note that you can use the new “Start Takeover” item in the Actions menu to initiate a takeover from an asynchronous replica.


SAP HANA Cockpit

Single Sign-On Support

JSON Web Tokens single sign-on (JWT SSO) login support to the SAP HANA cockpit is now available, allowing you to take advantage of existing authentication infrastructure.  To enable JWT SSO login, your database must support JWT provider configuration with public keys and JWT provider extensions for SAP HANA Cloud.  A new button “Enable JWT” is provided in the SAP HANA cockpit to map database users to their identities.

Note that support for multiple and custom identify providers is also available and you can read more about that feature in this blog entry:


Workload Class Hierarchy

Organize workload classes (WCs) into parent-child relationships, where the child class inherits its parent total statement memory limit, allowing you to save time and memory consumption.  When creating a new workload class, you’ll see new options “Parent” and “Is Parent”, used to define the relationship.  Additionally, the table listing all workload classes groups parent and child WCs together.


Built-In Support Integration

The Built-In Support solution is now integrated into the SAP HANA cockpit, allowing you to leverage SAP support services such as reporting incidents and navigating the knowledge base.  To use this new feature, you require a valid SAP Universal ID with the appropriate authorizations.  Launch Built-In Support by clicking its button in the SAP HANA cockpit’s toolbar.


Please refer to the SAP Help Portal for more information about the SAP HANA Cloud Central and the SAP HANA cockpit tools.
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