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Space Management

Storage Size Assignment

It's now possible to change the space capacity for in-memory and disk in 100 MB increments by allowing to directly edit the values with one decimal. This way you have more control over the storage size of your space. Default sizes will remain at 2 GB for disk and 1 GB for in-memory. The + and - buttons will continue to increase or decrease by 1 GB, so make sure to edit the MB size directly if you need to adjust your size on a smaller scale.


Using Space Schema Data in your Open SQL Schema

You have the option to use space schema data in your open SQL schema. You can then, for example, build more models on top of this data. With the toggle switch, you can also stop using the data, but if you have built models by using the space schema data, the models might not work properly anymore. For more information on open SQL schemas, see Creating an open SQL schema.