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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

2015 ASUG Annual Conference

Come to Orlando to network and obtain the latest information about SAP Solution Manager 7.1, along with the vision and experience sharing about the next release, SAP Solution Manager 7.2, and what it means to all ASUG members, to efficiently manage IT and introduce new functionality to meet business requirements.

Why is this important? Technology complexity is a result of the overwhelming amount of hardware and applications that a company has to manage. This is a problem that will only get worse as companies struggle to deal with the complexity of managing ever-increasing volumes of data in the future.  Also, due to various project approaches and fragmented tools, crucial information is lost in the media breaks between the tools leading to high consequential costs for continuous improvement and maintenance.  In an increasingly complex world, simplicity breeds success, which is why companies with new business models - the applications on SAP HANA to transform business processes - focused on simplicity are winning in the market place.  Simplicity not only drives customer value, it also drives revenue growth and shareholder value as it frees up room for innovation. SAP is committed to help our customers adopt our Run Simple operating principle and SAP Solution Manager is all about “efficiency and simplicity”, and tackling complexity by leveraging the Run and Build SAP like a Factory approaches. 

For years SAP Solution Manager has been a huge differentiator to help customers gain efficiencies and control operations with capabilities such as Root Cause Analysis, Technical and Business Process Monitoring, Change Control and IT Service Management. Beyond our second-to-none know-how in operations, planned with the next release, SAP Solution Manager 7.2, we are expanding into designing, deploying, and implementing software solutions. Of course, SAP Solution Manager can today orchestrate the entire lifecycle.  The new approach with SAP Solution Manager goes beyond the current release, provide one fully integrated infrastructure, from design to operations, which ensures the single source of truth and one-stop platform to enable customer businesses to build and run end-to-end solutions for the future.

Guided by these principles, join senior SAP experts, trusted Partners, and engaged Customers who in this highly interactive networking session will share, discuss and demo in detail SAP Solution Manager.

  • Gain insight about the upgrade to SAP Solution Manager 7.2, the first release powered by SAP HANA, and the impact to Solution Documentation.
  • More and more companies use cloud services for their business. However, other components of the IT solution remain on premise. Want to know how to migrate from the old to the new world? How to ensure smooth operations? How to coordinate changes within the entire solution? We’ll discuss important aspects related to these questions.
  • Learn how SAP Solution Manager supports the full end-to-end process, from managing business requirements to the complete solution. We’ll cover the semi-automatic generation of business blueprints, the gap management process, implementation of missing functionality, and the test of the completed solution.
  • Understand the test management best practices to implement the business process change analyzer (BPCA), include the innovations in preparation steps for BPCA including business process documentation and technical bill of materials (TBOM) creation.
  • With SAP Solution Manager, SAP has extends its scope towards IT project management by establishing integration between SAP Portfolio and Project Management (SAP PPM) and SAP Solution Manager. Learn about the new possibilities and benefits for the project management office (PMO) and the change management organization.
  • Experience a new application – Scope and Effort Analyzer which helps in better and more accurate planning of your SAP upgrades (Support Packages/Enhancement Packages) to help you see the benefit and ease of using this tool for your upgrade planning both from Test Management as well as from Custom Code adjustment use cases.
  • Take away how to setup and successfully run an Operations Control Center (OCC) for proactive and alert based SAP operations, an Innovation Control Center (ICC) to facilitate the rapid prototyping of new solutions, business models, and requirements, and Integration Validation (IV) to ensure that the integration of all software components works well and is safe from a data-consistency point of view. Also, understand how you can collaborate and obtain guidance with SAP experts and access the SAP knowledge base centrally through the Mission Control Center (MCC).


SAP is delivering tremendous innovations with a lot of business value.  Only with the full and complete usage of SAP Solution Manager, and its standardized and integrated set of tools, can you generate true value for the Business and IT, a reduction of TCO, enable business transformation, and realize higher competitiveness! 

We look forward to seeing you in Orlando at our ASUG Pre-Conference,

“Simplify IT and Introduce New Business Innovations with SAP Solution Manager”.

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