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Alert: SAP HANA customers can cut down on the coffee! Forget about reading through over 80 pages of alerts and recommendations each week. Here’s an easier way to consume critical operational information, leading to improved stability and performance of SAP systems. We’ve invented two new SAP EarlyWatch Alert apps.


My SAP EarlyWatch Alert Report

This standard SAP Fiori app is delivered in Solution Manager 7.2 SP3. It’s also available as the cloud application ‘SAP EarlyWatch Alert Reports’.

There’s no further prerequisite than sending a weekly data download from Solution Manager or directly from the monitored system. Since this process is preset for most of productive SAP HANA systems, nearly all customers can use the cloud app without additional set-up.

What’s new: This app comes with personalization features. Customers can define their favorite SAP systems and favorite alert watch topics, such as SAP HANA administration or security. These global settings are automatically applied to every new report the user opens.

SAP EarlyWatch Alert – Analytical Dashboard

This app is available as the cloud application ‘SAP EarlyWatch Alert – Analytical Dashboard’ in the SAP One Support Launchpad.

What’s new: It features a new format with tiles for important KPIs on a dashboard. It primarily covers performance, as well as SAP HANA technology KPIs for hardware capacity planning and performance tuning.

Clicking on the dashboard tiles will provide charts with time series for KPIs, such as SAP ABAP response time, SAP HANA database size on disk, SAP HANA memory utilization, and SAP HANA computer consumption. The CPU Utilization chart covers the timeframe of the last week. All others show up to 12 months of data.

The key difference compared to other reporting tools is that the SAP EarlyWatch Alert service provides ratings using standard thresholds. The used KPIs are documented in the SAP KPI catalog, which provides full background information on definition, measurement, and thresholds.

Adding the Apps

You can add these new applications as tiles to your SAP One Support Launchpad, if your S-User has a Service Reports & Feedback authorization. This authorization is also required to get the apps directly using these links:

SAP EarlyWatch Alert Reports

SAP EarlyWatch Alert – Analytical Dashboard


Susanne Glänzer, SAP SE