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This is a part of the implementation details of How To... Implement End-to-End Push Notifications with HCPms and SAP Gateway.

Implementation Plan

Configure the app setting on HCPms so that it will work with Push Provider for each mobile application (identified by the app ID) with HCPms.

Steps to Implement

1. Create application configuration on HCPms

2. Configure push notifications for each application configuration on HCPms

Both steps are explained in the following document (the one you followed in the step #1) .

One additional remark is about the Backend URL setting. We'll provide the correct value once HANA Cloud Connector is deployed & configured at the later step #5. Meantime, provide any value to save the configuration, it doesn't do any harm. We'll come back here later at the step #5.

3. Assign "Notification User" role

You need a user with a special role in order to issue notifications.

Go to the HCP Cockpit (most likely - via and click "Launch HCP"), and click on "Configure Mobile Services".

Click on "Roles" and find "Notification User" role to assign your HCPms account.

That's all. The next step is to make sure if your app is implemented to give the Push Provider key to the existing on-boarding information of HCPms.

#3 How To... Implement End-to-End Push Notifications with HCPms and SAP Gateway